Bombers VS Argos ---- Game Overview

Another Friday Night and another Bomber Game :rockin:

Tonight it is Our Bombers VS The Boatman in an Eastern Showdown, everyone is expecting the Bombers to walk all over the Argos and that included myself, i have since kind of changed my mind for a couple of reasons. Don't get me wrong Winnipeg will win, but it will not be the huge blowout everyone thinks, here is my take on tonights game!!

ARGOS ---- Last week against CGY Cleo Lemon was actually not that bad considering it was his first CFL start, his stats were decent and he did not panic. 16/28, 192 Yards, 1 TD and 1 INT and a QB rating of just over 75% was better than Kevin Glenns stats last week and almost as good (QB rating) as Printers, Ray and Burris. That being said they were playing CGY and CGY does not have the best defense. For the Argos to win or keep it close for that matter the OLINE needs to protect Lemon as The Bomber's Defense is hungry once again, Phillip Hunt, Doug Brown, Odell Willis, Dorian Smith will be after Lemon all night and if the OLINE breaks down, T.O is in BIG trouble. We cannot forget about the defensive player of the week Lobendahn who was awesome last week and will look to continue that trend as he has alot to prove after his injury last season. Lemon has to get the ball to Copeland, last week he was a non factor and Copeland can make or break a game, the Argo defense must contain Buck.

BOMBERS ---- The OLINE has to have another good game as T.O has a pretty good DLINE, we need to protect Buck and give Reid a few more touches, even passes out of the backfield. The running game has to be a factor and Reid should have a decent game, i am very surprised the Bombers DID NOT use Bernard out of the backfield last week, i think they need to involve both Bernard and Reid. Buck needs to spread the ball around, T.O will be covering Edwards and Bowman pretty good all night which will open up Harris, Ralph, Watson, Davis and Hargreaves, we have alot of weapons at reciever and they can't cover them all, i expect i great game from Harris and Ralph. The defensive line has to play like they did last week, they need to pressure Lemon early and often to knock him off his game. With Suber injured we will be starting 2 rookies (so to speak) in Kent and Jules at DB, our DB'S need to stick on Copeland like glue because T.O will try and exploit our DB'S. Brown, Kent, Stewart, Jules have to be on there game, time to see how the new guys do this week, hopefully they will be as good as or better than Suber was last week. We have a great LB crew and they should have another great game with Lobendahn, Charlton and Smith.

the DB's will be stewart and Kent will they not? if Jules is starting were are in serious trouble

.....DBS. are a sore spot on this team and when one goes down...ouch....Kent could've/would/ve been a starter for the Als....i like this guy and what he brings......Stewart.... :thup: no problem...we just better not get nicked in the secondary anymore or the 'red alert' will be deployed.. :roll:

It'll also help that Byron Parker is supposed to be out tonite.

Good overview.

Suber out Kent in, otherwise the same secondary, shouldn't be too much of an issue.

its also not nearly as hot as it was last friday, its still warm but last week was like what ontario is getting this week…

time to get going to the game :stuck_out_tongue: lol.