Bombers vs Argonauts - 19 Sep 10 GDT

Game is underway!
Argo's got a single and Edwards made a 80 somewhat yard catch but Bombers had to settle for a field goal thanks to FOLEY!

Should be a good one

huh, I'm surprised that there isn't a game thread here.

I expect the Bombers to win..

going to make a very interesting race for that final playoff spot!

This game has not been too good so far, a little boring.

Defence, Defence,.........Come on Argo's

Big defensive game

In other news: Bomber fans like to talk to themselves. Anybody else watching this game?

Let’s go Argo’s

yea the defense for both of these teams is playing very well. but the Argo's are looking inept.

Someones crossing over and shutting you guys out don't worry!

A break out play is about to happen sooner or later.

yea, nobody seems to be taking advantage here.. it's not like the Bombers offense is being truly dominating.

Off topic here; Big game next week at Ivor Wynne with Sask. in town. I’m not sure which team to take in the Grey Cup pool as both teams are comeing off well deserved wins.


wow, neither of these teams can get anything going! I can't believe we may have a 6-0 half time score!

but hey, all those Fans of the NFL would be over joyed here!

What a boring game.

Hey our Game Day threads are a minute apart any way to merge 'em?

The offensive Co-ordinators have their work cut out for them that's for sure.

That's what I hate about playing the Argos. The Bombers completely shut out the Toronto offense and only have 6 pts. to show for their dominance.

The Bombers may have the best front 4 in the CFL, but Toronto has the most suffocating defense, in my opinion. Playing that D is like running through wet cement.

For some reason, these two always play scoring games in TO it seems.

well that changed pretty quick! Punt Return TD! 7-6 Toronto!

Winnipeg might be in deep now after that shanked punt

too bad the Argo's fumbled the ball!