Bombers vs Als

First quarter seems a microcosm of Winnipe'g season. They get a good jump out of the gate, put up a great opening drive, give the defense an early lead...

And the defense responds by immediately taking an idiotic 15 yard penalty. Then a turnover, and now the Als are on the doorstep.

Watching on my PVR so I'm a few minutes behind. It looked like TSN was a little quick on the freeze frame on Winnipeg's fumble. I think they stopped the film with his foot still in the air. I don't know if he was out but it was a lot closer than the TSN replay showed.

That was one of the worst attempts at tackling I've seen in a long time. Who's the first place team?

ooh, nice pick to end the half.

Now there's something you don't see every day ... AC visibly frustrated.

He had that look early in the season when the Als were struggling.

Weird interview with Anwar Stewart. He denies being retired and says he's hoping to hear from other teams ... all while standing on the Als sideline and wearing Als colors. Weird.

With all these receivers going down it may force Burke to go with a FB/TE more. I see they used the FB as a TE on that last Simpson run.

I really miss the days of the classic inside/outside run game featuring a true HB/FB combo. The last I can even think was Charles Robert and Mike Sellars.

TD Als, should be a good finish.

They've looked pretty off most of the game, and the Bombers have taken advantage. Elliott's played much better then last week.


Speaking of the ground game … Bombers could sure use one if they want to hang onto this.

Yahoo! Nice pick to end the half ...again.

oh man, love that look on AC's face. Nobody on the Als is going anywhere near him when he's wearing THAT look.

Congrats Bombers on todays win. A tough place to win games at.


I hate when I have to cheer against my interests. I don't know whether to be happy my Argos can move into a first place tie with a win today or really, really pissed at the Als for losing what should have been the easiest pick of the weekend for me. :twisted: :rockin: :twisted: :rockin: :?

What?? No "Bombers didn't win this game, Montreal lost it" crap? Really?

Actually I thought most of the games were no-brainers. I went: T-Cats, Lions, Als, Riders. So, the best I can do is split the weekend. Maybe that will teach me a lesson about loyalty for not supporting my team.

Joey Elliot made the best of his second chance. He came out took control of the huddle. played with confidence and executed. Gary Crowton was allowed to have his offense run correctly. At his point a healthy Elliot will and should be in as the starter for the rest of the season. Hopefully continueing to be in sync with Crowton and the receivers and the O line did a nice job. Correct me if I am wrong it appeared that the Bombers used more of the FB/TE as an extra blocker which really helped.
Chad Simpson is simply just a stud RB which gives an assist the QB and the O line

I caught Burke on CJOB and he stated this: I told Crowton to go after it from the start, none of that setting up stuff... So a lot of the credit goes to Burke for changing the slow starts.