Bombers vs. Als comments

AC did a great job, he has the best pass completion rate in the league.
O-line played better than previous games, I see improvement.
Kicking: job well done, Duval was perfect.
Special teams did an OK job.
Defense: OK job, they just let too many big plays go through. They kept Stegall from getting a touchdown in the 2nd game in a row.

problems I see on last game:

  1. no running game, it cost them a touchdown after 2 tries in the 4th quarter. Edwards is really struggling.
  2. not enough long passes attempts, too many 7 yards passes
  3. defense was not able to “hurt” Glenn, he completed 87.5% of his passes!

Als should have won this game, congrats to Bomber’s defense that contained Als and gave them only 1 yard in 3 tries…

Well said Snowy. The Als are steadily improving but the loss of Sanchez, Chiu, and Imoh is going to hurt.

I agree with all that snowy said,good teams find a way to win!!!Each lost is a blow to the players psyche!!!Nothing reinforces winning like winning,the feeling ,the whole overall atmosphere around a club.Plyers start questioning the system,the leaders,the admin. etc.,etc…Some way a turnaround has to occur to to right the ship in the right direction!!!Some more big play contribution from other sources other than the ones already contributing.Unexpected plays,fakes on punts,whatever!!No panic just reality!!!

I can't figure out what game you were watching. AC's completion rate has to be 100%. When you throw 4 and 5 yard passes any time you miss you have to punt. Not only is the offense pathetic, it is boring. Look at Cahoon's record. By the end of the season he is going to have 200 catches for 800 yards. And one of these days he is going to sue AC for attempted murder. Even on those short passes he is constantly being exposed to vicious hits because the ball is not being thrown in the right place.
And by the way, never mind what TSN said, Lambert played the entire game.

Wasn't TSN great last night? They showed us that Davis Sanchez was out with a knee injury, and wasn't it nice of them to tell us who was in the game replacing him?


You don't remember them telling us who it was?


Thanks for nothing TSN

(by the way, Rinehart and Dorvelus were listed on the depth chart as the backup corners, but I kept seeing Hendrix #17 in the game after Sanchez went out, so I guess it was him. Too bad I have to guess).

I will say this, they came closer to beating the bombers this time. Too bad they still couldn't manage to get past the goal line, avoid getting sacked when it mattered most, or stopping charlie roberts (all they did was make him mad). Closer game though.

Charles Roberts has more scores than the Als.