Bombers visit Alouettes in Canada Day matchup

MONTREAL — The Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the Montreal Alouettes will take centre stage on Canada’s 156th birthday Saturday night.

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After getting sacked a dozen times over the last two games quarterback Cody Fajardo on the way to his car was finally updated on the status of Bomber rush end Jackson Jeffcoat. Fajardo’s eloquent one-word answer could be heard across town from the team parking lot:



Most of Cody’s sacks last game were on him, not the O-line. He has to be more decisive about committing to a throw and stop dropping too far back in the pocket, which takes away his sight line to checkdown options, particularly in the flat. But he’ll also feel less heat if we can actually run the ball effectively the whole game.

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I’d feel more optimistic about this game if my Als weren’t so beaten up. But with most of our starting secondary and linebacking corps out due to injury, it’s hard to believe that the Bombers won’t just light us up from the get-go. Will be happy to be proven wrong!

Every team can run against us now. Why they don’t (with the exception of BC they) is because they fall too far behind too quickly to stick with the run. Montreal’s smothering defense might frustrate our offense enough to buy their running game some time. If we can’t score quickly against the Als they’ll run all over us.

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Our 3 most important players (Zach, Brady & Schoen) are all beaten up too.
Maybe we’ll both just take it easy out there tomorrow and play flag!


Knowing the way angry emotions break out during the heat of battle I wouldn’t be surprised if during the Flag Football game… a Hockey game breaks out.

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But who’s our goalie gonna be? Jets & Bombers have the same problem now!

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Speaking of goalies… sieves in particular, Montreal’s O-line has been compromised. With Jeffcoat back in the lineup I wonder if Fajardo should be upgrading his health insurance?

It looks like there’s a good chance Demski will be out as well as his wife is delivering any time now.

Wonder if that was why they were getting McCrae more reps, he could slot in Demski’s spot, but not sure what other Nat we can start.

So it is end of Edmonton / Ottawa game and still no depth chart from the Bombers vs Als. Why ? I see the Montreal depth chart. Isn’t the Bomber chart supposed to be posted 24 hrs before the game?

Try harder, its out there.


Here you go:

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Where did you find it?

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Okie posted it on the ‘Bombers Als Injury Reports - Oliveira Schoen miss Tue practice’ thread and I copied it:

That took a few tries to get right.