Bombers v.s Lumsden

What do you think?

Can stop Stegall from Getting the Record ?

Same Answer No..

I think winnipeg has a strong enough d-line and line backers to possibly hold back lumsden, but one bad move and lumsden will take advantage of it.

BC's defense was one of the stingiest. Yet, Lumsden had a field day running through it. Yes, I know Otis Floyd was out, but one player shouldn't make that big a difference.

Your defense will have its work cut out for them.

On a side note.....

I think you'll finally see Milt get his record in this game.

Yeah you could be right, but i mean Winnipeg probably has one of the strongest d-lines in the cfl…look at montreal on the third and goal and winnipeg stopped them…sure lumsden is bigger and stronger and faster then R.Edwards, and im not saying he wont get over a 100 yrds against Winnipeg…but they have a shot at stopping him

I dont no if Milt will break it…Winnipeg is using him to an advantage cuz no team wants him to break the record against them…so they double or triple teaming him leaving guys like Brazzell…Edwards…Armstrong open

best point right their. if u watch the last few games. glenn just looks and finds our other amazing recievers. like the mtl game at canad inns. brazzell got eveything, but the als d stayed commited to stegall.

as for lumsden well once i saw him start running back when his name finally entered the cfl i knew the man would run the field day ion and day out. he is a great back and although winnipeg hasa good d set up. he will still get yards just not the big breaks like the bc game.

Good point Stegal 138. A strong D-line is required. Once Lumsden was getting tackled by 175 lb DB's, he just will carry them for a ride. The key is to stop him with the front 7!

Lumsden will rack up some yards but he won't be a game breaker.

Anyway...the real question is

can the Tabbies stop Blink???


Like I need to answer. :lol:

The Ti-Cats probably wont be able to stop blink..i mean Roberts does hardcore damage to some of the best teams defences..Hamilton isnt the strongest Defence ever so Blink will have a huge game..

The Tabbies will have to block Simpson,It's harder than it sounds...Lumsden vs Simpson...great tilt this Friday...Go Bombers..

I agree. I think you'll see a lot of Lumsden vs Simpson Friday night. Should be great!

Bombers vs Lumsden?

Just a bit of a mis-match wouldn't you say?

A better question would be:
God and eleven of his angels vs Lumsden

A hurricane vs Lumsden

Ok, to be fair:
Bombers vs a 14" Lumsden

I'll still take Lumsden

(with apologies to Bill Swirski, where ever he is)

I really like Lumsden, but he is going to find the interior of that Bomber defence pretty tough sluggin. If they can get him to the outside and take advantage of Hall and Jenkins missing some tackles, he could do some damage. I still think the Bombers probably have the best run defence in the league, so it should be very interesting.

As for the Bomber offense v the TiCat defence, well it could be a long night for that TiCat secondary, especially if Roberts gets Zeke and destroy and his cohorts creeping up to the line. I have a feeling Stegal will be large this game.

...Lumsden is a tank....and a load to bring down......but stuff him early on the line...and he's quite stoppable...Ti-Cats will probably have some new tactics to spring him loose, which we'll have to watch little dump passes...but his bread and butter is powering through the holes the 'o' line creates....the Bombers just have to fill em.... i know ,easier said than done....but i think we're more than UP :thup: to the challenge....bring it on :rockin:

hey everyone, diehard bomber fan and i'm new here,

lumsden scares me, he's a big power runner, reminds me of a faster mike sellars. i don't think he'll run over us like he did to BC but he is a good threat to get 100 yards.

hi big mac and welcome to but ya i think he will do well but we a good enough linebacking core and defensive line to hold him

You can never underestimate the ability of Roberts . . . I mean a Lumsden.

I voted no.

I would think that Simpson & Hebert will keep a close eye on Lumsden. Hope they can stop him before he gets going. Good luck and hoping for a great game.

45 rushing yards for Lumsden, 4.5 yard per carry average. Not a bad effort by the Winnipeg front seven. He did get over 100 yards of total offense but that falls more on our battered secondary.