Bombers V Esks


Wild in for Kuale - addition by subtraction. Better tackler, fewer penalties, 'nuff said.

January is out, Jarvis Jones in an LT. Odell Willis already talking up a storm. The whole Oline lineup is making me shudder. I'm hoping Jones has a big game, I feel like he's capable of it. But the right side? I hope they run a lot of screens or else that Esk Dline will be teeing up on that side.

Nick Moore returns, Aaron Kelly sits because apparently they like Bryant's speed. What about Bryant's lack of hands? Speaking of next season, him being back here would be a major disappointment IMO.

Cotton in for Grigsby. Hopefully Cotton can get back to where he was in preseason before his injury. The limited touches he had earlier this season weren't enough to get him a feel for the game.

Aaron Woods and Jason Vega also back on the roster.

Sears listed at starter ahead of Bruce Johnson.

Anyone else get the feeling we'll be watching a lot of Reilly running wild as he has every game against the Bombers? Gotta hand it to the Esks, that LB group of McCoil, Curran, and Sherrit is a nice threesome. Dunn-Wild/Kuale-Sherman just doesn't have anywhere near the same impact either on paper or on the field.

One word " DISGUSTING" !!!!!!

Unfortunately the last half of the CFL season is the true measuring of how good teams really are. The first half of the season , teams are still getting organised on Def and off. The Bombers took advantage of that and posted some early wins. Well........ the market has corrected it self in a big way.
Oh ................ our special teams is a joke and embarrassment to professional football.

With a full half left, the Eskies might score 100 points in this game.

Putrid. Shades of the whupping we got in Edmonton last year. There was basically nothing redeamable in the first half. Offense got nothing going. Defense was porous with same old tackling issues and Demond Washington and Johnny Sears doing their best Kuale impressions. If Alex Hall doesn't fit the defensive system it must be because it's not predicated on getting a pass rush because they're certainly not making Reilly work for it. Woods just awful back there letting near everything bounce past him and one of the few he catches was one he should've let go out of bounds.

I never get this idea of "simplifying" and offense and defense when a team struggles. All it does is make what you're doing more basic and makes it easier for the opposition to tee off on you.

Re: Willy, he's banged that throwing had a few times this year. Wonder if it's been bothering him for a while. Time to sit him down. He's already hurt and getting pummeled. This accomplishes nothing. Lets see what Brohm and Marve have at this point.

..... :oops: :oops: ...Can't watch too much more of this...I don't like swearing on the internet BUT this is an effin' disgrace.....I don't know about you guys but I'm long past looking for anything positive about this club.... And I'm bloody tired of being the door mat...It'll be awhile before I tune this team in again...Beyond garbage :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Usually Mop up time begins in the 4th at some point, not at the start of the 2nd half.

I always try to look at the positives so....... oh oh :oops:

Brohm's looked OK, mind you it sure feels like some of that energy on the Esk D has relaxed some since the half.

I guess Hiram is a positive. The kid is crazy good.

He has. Hope he's around for a while and not enticed down south in a year or two.

Wouldn't blame him.At some point money rules in sports.

I can't watch this team anymore. Their dead to me! :thdn:

Exactly, and guess what? Bellefeuille's been through this before. In 2007, the offence had to be "simplified" because it was apparently too complex for future Hall of Famer Anthony Calvillo and the rest of the veteran-laden squad. :roll:

A loss of record setting proportions apparently, the first half 37 point deficit is now the mark to beat, the only question now is, can Calgary x2 or BC do it?

Any one can do it. This team looks like they have lost focus and are just going through the motions. They have no urgency, no drive and no worry, because the coach constantly backs them up. I was a fan of O'Shea at first, but his no emotion attitude is wearing thin with me. O'Shea certainly didn't play the way he's coaching. I do believe that a coach shouldn't admonish his players during a game, but this situation calls for it. The other coaches don't drop the ball or miss tackles but the motivation of this team falls directly at the HC's feet. Starting to make Mike Kelly look not so bad.

At this point why don't they give Marve a start. We've seen what Brohm can/can't do, maybe Marve will be a spark much like Crompton has been for Mon. Someone needs to take charge and crack the whip.

I don't know about that Dan; I don't believe that quarterbacking is your team's problem. I don't know that Kenny Ploen could perform well behind that swiss cheese offensive line. . .

I never meant to insinuate that there was any problem at QB. Marve is almost the last guy to have played any downs and from what I've seen he looks gung-ho. We don't need a QB but we do need something to light a fire under the team. I can live with losing all the rest of the games this year, but don't lose them because you're not trying. I can't stomach that..... Take some of the high priced Americans who are floating and replace them with some hungry Canadian boys who are dying to play more than Special Teams. We can lose with guys who are trying, better than with apathy.

I agree about shutting Willy down. No sense exposing your franchise QB to more injury in a year that has gone south for Winnipeg. Give one of the backups some reps and start planning the post-Bellefeuille era behind the scenes...