Bombers turf Asst' GM?

As a long-time Bomber fan, even I have to laugh. Somebody in the front office had to be thrown under the bus and guess who the sacrificial lamb turned out to be? Right you are! The guy who books the hotel rooms and makes the airline reservations. LOL. What a joke. Joe Mack keeps his job after a phenomenal public display of incompetence and even low-rent integrity by quietly going behind his coach's back before firing him (La Police). He doesn't lose his job somehow but boy oh boy, that Hodgkinson guy has to go!! What incredible BS.

Here's the link:

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Almost sounds like you’re begining to realize what I pointed out back in February - - that Winnipeg is a disaster with Joe Mack at the controls. And don’t expect him to suddenly start making astute decisions now when he’s in survival mode and just trying to save his job.

It’s ok to be critical of stupid decisions your favourite team makes. Doesn’t mean you’re “jumping to conclusions”…or “a troll”…or “being negative” - - all of which I’m frequently accused of. It’s called holding people accountable.

Come on. I wouldn't say you jump to conclusions, nor would I call you a troll, but you ARE negative....

You have to give us that one! :lol:

Its a reprieve…They are giving Mack another year. How he fixes the QB1 position will dictate his faith IMO.

He didn't have any skills in scouting or recruiting players. He was in charge of travel and things of that nature. Looks like we are going after Duane Ford, which would be a huge upgrade. Area 51 , has no clue what he is talking about.Worry about your team that nobody wants to own and needed to be saved by a exsisting owner and can't draw flies.

Pot meet Kettle. Area 51 takes shots at people you take shots at teams and cities. Grab a mirror man...

Duane Ford is an interesting choice considering Mack does not want to spend too much time in Canada. Leave his teaching and TSN jobs to be assistant GM is a tough choice. Makes sense for Winnipeg to want to get a younger more dynamic guy for the position.

Oh look, I see we're back to insulting fan bases. Man is that getting old.

On the actual issue, sure he's been with the organization a very long time. That doesn't necessarily mean he's the right man for the job anymore. Canadian talent is hugely important in the CFL, and if you can bring someone in who knows where to find it, you're doing your organization a favor by doing so. By most accounts, Ford is one of those guys.

Seems like a decent move to me, though in the short term it's bound to be upsetting to turf an employee with that much history.

Good luck to Ross, he was a long time member of the Bombers but had probably risen as high as he was going to go.

Not really. I heard November is a very busy time in his personal life and that it would be much easier if he had the month off all the time. :lol: :lol:

If he's interested I think its a great choice. He can eventualy take over as a GM. You would think Ottawa would also be interested in his services.