bombers + tucker??

is taman and the bombers trying to get tucker??i want to know!

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha , oh sorry, umm NOPE , you have no chance at him hes comming back the green and gold baby

Well if the new rules were in effect I would say the bombers would have a shot at him. But the Eskies could give him a one yr contract before the cap comes into play. The bombers would however be able to give him more then one year.

lol. sorry there is no chance Hughie wont let that happen, oh i mean commisioner hughie wont let that happen

If the Esks unload Jenkins, McClendon, Cavil, and Dubuc(alll of whom are not needed) I can see us signing him to a multi year deal.

yes that is true the Eskies would have to get rid of some contracts to accomplish this but really that is not required until 2007. Huey could always give him a 1 yr contract with an under the table promise that he will sign him the following year to three years. Tucker will not go to a team that well is falling a part at the seems (bombers) as long as Taman is there that will happen.

they can give tucker 200 000 this year, and 80 000 each of the next 2 when the penalties kick in next season, hes on the books for 80K per year.

They could, but we have Roberts. I not 100 sure, but Tucker returned that kickoff for a TD in the last GC, that great, but we have Roberts, the leading in rushing last year, to do that.

DG you just pulled a Huey!

I hate the eskimos as much as anyone but theres jsut as much a chance of tucker signing with a team in whitehorse as there is of him signing in winnipeg

Mada7 you are correct! First off Copeland told me last spring he loved Montreal. But he went to the Stamps who are an improving team and with the new ownership, new coaches and of course money this got him to move on. He said what makes a free agent comfotable about signing is stability. Had it been a year before he laughed and so no thanks the ownership was a joke. Now in Winnipeg you have a genral manager that has fired two coaches did not bring in any talent to improve the team now tell me if Copeland is right and you were an FA do you think the Bombers would be the place to go. Taman if he does not get some players in there to improve the team he will be gone at season end. This tells me they are unstable. So I think Tucker would stay away from the bomber IMO.

Tucker is an eskimo. It would not surprise me to see him spend his entire career with the esks much like stegall did with the bombers. Players look at a lot of things when it comes to signing with a new team. The team generally hasto be a contender without them, be able to reliably provide a paycheck, and a style of play that they like. The eskimos have all those things as well as a comfortable situation

You are correct and that is what Copeland stated. A FA is not going to go to a team unless it will help his stats and he will get paid. Taman will effect the decision of that player when he looks to changing teams . Moeny is not everything but how it will benifit the player. Stability of that team is important and this is what Jermaine stated. Had Calgary not offered him the money he was looking for and the Stamps did not have new coaches and ownership he would have never gone to Calgary.

it wouldnt suprise me to see him in green and white next year

I guess you haven't heard or read the article in the leader post have you.