Bombers trade for 2 pics

......I've got to give two thumbs-up to Mack on this one...We traded long-snapper Inglis back to the esks for the first pic in the 5th. round and 2nd. pic in the 6th round... Not bad considering we picked-up Inglis for nothing last year :rockin: Looks like we're on our way back to building some nice Canadian talent...Keep those good trades coming Joe Mack :wink:

Papa, isn't it nice to be on the other side of one of those trades. IIRC we had a former GM or 2 who liked releasing players and then trading away draft picks to get them back. Albeit Tillman didn't release Inglis but still it's nice to be on this end of the trade.

... :thup: :smiley: .......We sure can use these pics....nice that Tilman has provided them ..Esks. really wanted Inglis back as their long-snapper from last year is now in Cal.....We both get something badly needed :wink:

Yup, some are complaining that Mack is sitting on his hands but when he grabs 2 more picks for a guy we rented last season you have to give him credit.

Good move, aquired for nothing you used him for the entire year and now get 2 picks out of it.If you needed another LS that badly, i’m sure you’d easily get one with the 5th or 6th pick and have 1 pick left to go elsewhere.

Glad to see Mack coming through on his commitment to keep+increase our Canuck talent via the draft.