Bombers trade Buck Pierce

To the Lions for non-import receiver Akeem Foster.


Bombers Twitter feed.

Excellent deal for both teams. Bombers desperately need Canadians and the Lions need an experienced back-up with Lulay getting hammered on a weekly basis.

Nice looking first trade for Walters.

Trading import vets other teams are interested in and building the non-import ranks in the process is exactly what is needed. Keep going Walters, don't stop now!

Lulay must be in very rough shape. He was savagely beaten by the Hamilton D all game long in Guelph Saturday (very similar to what Winnipeg's D did to Durant at the Banjo Bowl, but worse). The broadcast crew reported that Lulay had a split finger on his throwing hand. Wouldn't be surprised if he had some cracked ribs, too.

Buono must be very desperate at QB to trade anything for Pierce. Not good news for Lions fans.

Good trade for Winnipeg.

I think BC has kind of given up on Foster this year. But just the fact this deal is done I'd say is shocking. How does Walters convince Buono to give up anything for Buck who's coming off an injury when Buono was pretty outspoken back when Buck was a BC FA about how he didn't want him back because of his inability to stay healthy? For Buono's stance on Buck back then it makes it that much more bizaare to me that he would look at Buck as a backup to Lulay who's taken a beating this year. Even if Foster washes out and is a complete bust here, this trade I think is a coup in finally making a break for the organization from Buck who, with the recent additions, is clearly no longer in the picture, and without having to wait till the end of the season.

What's interesting I think is do they stand pat with this deal and just evaluate Foster, do they look to maybe shift to 3 NI receivers and start another import elsewhere, or do they flip one of the NI receivers to boost the Oline or another position?

Extremely surprised by this trade. Good trade by Winnipeg.

I am also of the opinion that Lulay must be injured more than we know,for BC to make this trade.

Very good game by Winnipeg today, particularly the defence. Good for the Winnipeg fans who continue to support their team. Next 2 games against Edmonton will be interesting. If the defence is as good as today, Winnipeg has a great chance to win both these games.


The Lions recently released Joey Elliot. I heard Jarius Jackson was injured, but I couldn't find him on the B.C. roster anywhere. Was he cut too? It's unlike Buono to put all of his eggs in one basket. Pierce is an insurance policy, given the beating Lulay's been taking lately. Now they can take turns getting mauled by opposing teams and heal up enough to play again in two weeks.

Jarius Jackson played with Toronto last year. As far as I know he's retired.

Buh Bye Kito :cowboy:

Casey Printers is available. Maybe we should give him a call.

Jarious Jackson is the Lions QB coach.

......Had to happen....Buck was done in the Peg...Like someone said previously, even IF Foster is a bust (he didn't look that bad to me when he suited up for the leos) it's a win...Desperation time in lotus land??.....I also think Poblah will be moved....probably for an ni o lineman...We'll see :roll:

I dunno papa, I think Poblah might just get released. Can't really see anyone in his right mind trading a non import offensive lineman for a receiver who can't catch.

Mind you, I also didn't think anyone in his right mind would trade a non import receiver for damaged goods like Buck Pierce either, so what the heck do I know . . .

...certainly seems odd Wally would go back to Pierce :roll: ...but heh...if Walters can talk Buono into that kind of deal, imagine what he could sell to another gm :lol:

It is all about timing.Aplayer who would be worthless at the end of the season is worth something now. It is sure nice to have a working GM back in the front office.I remember hearing an interview with Walters just after he was hired.He was asked what was the first thing he did after he was put in as interm. His answer was "I contacted all the other GMs and told them we were open for business. " It spoke volumes to me about the state this team was in.As far as Buck goes, thank you for your time here and good luck.

Not sure how Walters did it (especially with Wally) - but WOW, we actually got something for that broken set of china!

Not only can he not catch a ball. You have to pay him pretty much year round to sit on the injured list :lol: