Bombers trade again

...Marc Parenteau ni o lineman and a 3 rd. 2014 pick for Woodson and a 5th rounder...Rebuilding the o line with ni's...I like it...especially since Parenteau is very versatile and can play centre :thup: Good job Walters

Very nice, keep 'em coming.

Did anyone report on what was left of these two guys (Parenteau and Foster) contract.

Per acting GM Walters at his presser today Foster is due to be a FA in February.

Parenteau I don't know. I haven't seen anything on the reports on the trade and I tried googling to see what he signed with the Argos and the articles I've seen didn't announce the term he agreed to with them last year.

......Don't know on Parenteau....Foster was definitely planning on leaving the leos, because he was not seeing the field behind some very good receivers...Up to the Bombers to get him reupped...unless he's got big plans stateside :roll:

Just goes to show the lack of talent on this team when guys like Kelly, Foster and Parenteau can't get on the field with other squads and will likely all be starters with the Bombers. Judging by the lack of production again yesterday, the changes are far from over. Can't remember ever hearing of a CFL team going without a first down in an entire half of football, at home to boot (Montreal Concorde maybe), but glad the defensive changes are starting to pay off at the very least. Next year might actually be interesting ON THE FIELD for a change if this keeps up.

Walters makes another great trade, we need a better O-LINE this might upgrade our O-LINE or it might just make our guys play harder. Either way they want to play and have the passion, Aaron Kelly has been doing great on the Winnipeg Team. We are losing an RB that hasn't really done much with Winnipeg for some time and on top of this exchange a fifth round pick for a third round pick.

Seems like a lot of WIN here, great job Walters! As well as to any other who helped make this happen. Some of these guys may be going into free agency but this might even help this season to get a spark going.


Parenteau is a great OLman, and a solid pickup, but don't cheer for him to be your center unless you have a QB that can handle horridly inconsistent snaps. Solid solid pickup though for sure.

I think Sorensen is entrenched at centre. They need help at RG where Swiston was until they moved him to RT. Swiston got hurt during the Banjo bowl game and didn't return, no word yet on if or how long he'll be out. Boatman has struggled at RT, they moved him to RG for the banjo bowl and had to move him back to RT. Morely is still out. Pencer is a ? though he's off the 9 game IR. Kowalczuk is the only other NI olineman and he had a few turnstile moments in the Rider game and not starter material. I think he slots in at RG and will be a welcome addition, especially if Swiston is out for any length of time.

Parenteau is, I believe, 32. So he's no spring chicken.

Plus, maybe an Argo salary dump?

Good that you swapped picks and got a higher one, though.

I would not describe him as a "great" o-lineman. He lost his starting job with the Argos partway through last season and has not seen a single snap this year -- hasn't even dressed for every game, IIRC.

Prenteua a little older really was a guy who struggled last season as a starter for the Argos to start the season. However he has not been on the field this season with the acquisiton of two more import OTs to go with Washington and Van Zyl moving to RG so Parenteau at least for the rest of this season should be plenty healthy and could be a short plug to either start or push players in front of him to give either Opencer more time or an off season to acquire others.
With Douglas back on the 9 game finding another import OT there will be plenty more options than an interior Canadian so I would think that would be the next step to help improve the Oline

....We know Parenteau fairly well, as he played for the Bombers a few years back...Not retaining guys like him have put us in the mess we're in today...Hopefully we can swing a deal for another ni o lineman ...As Walters has said..we're open for business... :wink:

yeah...solid would be a better term.

How good or bad Parenteau was in Toronto and what happened to him there and questions about how good he is are all relative. He may have been backup quality in Toronto, but the Argos have invested more in on the Oline and have some quality young guys. The main question is whether he's better than any of the bombers current starters and/or backups and therefore upgrade the roster. When you consider how the line has played this year plus Moreley is out for a bit yet and Swiston is now gone for the year, if anything else he at least offers some much needed experienced depth and versatility.