Bombers Trade Again

8) Winnipeg Blue Bombers have traded Non Import D Linemen, Riall Johnson, and Shawn Mayne,
 to Montreal for Quarterback Ricky Santos. 

  The Bombers were also rumoured to have included Barrin Simpson in the deal, but they changed

  their minds regarding him, and decided to keep him, for now !!

  The wheeling and dealing continues in Winterpeg.    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

The best trade they could make at this point is Mike Kelley for nothing but a bad memory.

Kelly needs to be fired ... out of a cannon into the sun.

BTW we also cut loose our 3rd string QB Brian Randall

House cleaning for the Bombers.

They are getting rid of their money players so they can sign FAs in the offseason.

They aren't going to sign anyone if Kelly is still the head coach.

They couldn't even keep some of their better low end FAs what makes you think they will sign anyone. I suggest teams offer up their "magic beans" because clearly Kelly and Co. are willing to sell the cow for magic beans.

kelly is a joke,,, jus give it up and take responsibility for this mess,,im sure ricky santos is your new answer now..

Imagine how Santos must be feeling about now.

He's probably going to get 3 days of practice then get thrown to the wolves like they did with Bramlet.

I think their problems go deeper them the qb's lol

I sure hope they keep Mike Kelly forever. :lol:

Who the hell is Ricky Santos?? lol

The Bombers are going to clean house with everyone from now until the start of training camp.

They are going to start from the top and go all the way down to the players.

They are in full blown rebuilding mode and are going to go very young for the rest of this year and more than likely will do the same for next year.

I am sure Mike Kelly is 'channeling' Mikey's thinking.

If he is, expect to see Ricky Santos parachuted in
onto mid-field next game to start at quarterback

without having to put up with all those annoying practices
that last week's savior Casey Bramlett had to go through.

That's what Mikey believed Khari Jones could have done
for the Hamilton Tiger Cats several years back.

Another qb for Mikey to throw under the bus.

At least Santos will know Kelly's play book after running all winnipegs whole 10 plays for the montreal scout team in practice last week.

One could imagine this scenario had AB3 gone to Winnipeg:

CLERK at AIR CANADA DESK: May I help you?

AB3: Yes, I lost my football playbook on the plane that I just got off from. Could you retrieve it?

CLERK: We can try. What did it look like?

AB3: It's a thin blue duotang with a logo that has a W and a bolt going through a football...and there may be a couple of napkins with scribbles on it that may fall out...


Oski Wee Wee,