....Bombers top draft pick

…a kid from Sask…Labatte…what a great name for the Blue…A BIG o line guy that has lots of up-side…i hope he fits in right away … Bombers are probably thinking we’re gonna need help on the o’ line because of the situation with Obby and Greene …who may or not play…another Canuck o lineman never hurts and gives the BigBlue versatility on the roster…go BigBlue Labatte…i like it already… :wink: :thup:

i don;t mind the first pick being an olineman. but i think the bombers shoulda;ve taken a much deeper look into db prospects. that hurt us the most last season.

DB's are usually imports footballmad. It is so rare rare to find a Canadian DB like Davis Sanchez around.

Like papa says, Canadian O-linemen are always good to have around. You can never have too many!

this is true, having canadian oline are the best for the import ratio. but u gotta look at guys like justin shaw who was the safety for hamilton a couple years back. he came from the high school i played at and he was a dam good safety.

Can't go wrong with o-linemen and Labatt to boot, too funny.

Sounds like Obby might be awhile, if he plays at all this year. Very good depth move by the Dyce.