Bombers took the day off

easy one for T.O. today

Wow if that is a first place team in the east look out there is hope for the Eskimos.

Don't worry, you'll get a first hand look in a few weeks. Try not to be too depressed!

Brutal game plan right from the start. How do you not use the best back in the league?

Looks like the Bombers had already looked past the Argos.

This team needs to take the same approach to each game, regardless of the opposition. Bombers are 4-1 against teams with winning records, and 3-3-1 against teams with losing records.

At least it's early enough in the season to correct it.

Better take a look in the mirror, both Edmonton and Toronto are breathing down your neck. I wouldn't be too cocky, that maybe you looking on the outside in!

...took the day off.....decided to play in the second-half.....and came up short......have to now re-group for the Cats' at home....where i would expect to have all of our guys playing and be a little bit snarly...Glenn looked okay ....very important... :rockin:

...good way to deflect your angst LetsGo....focus on a team that didn't play for a couple of nights....

Argos are the new beast in the east.


That is hilarious!!!

The Argos really didn't play great, they got 14 points off of "cheap" scores. (The kickoff return and the interception return). That means they really only scored 17 "true" points. They would have lost this game if not for that. They were also lucky that Winnipeg didn't show up until the second half. If this game went on a little longer, the Bombers take it for sure.

Day off, they choke in crucial game. You only have to play 18 times a season. I wish I only had to show up 18 days a year to make my salary. Where was the attitude? The special teams play will as Glen Suitor said on TSN be the Achilles heel in the playoffs. Westwood will not be back after this year.
Apparently without Stegall, this team can't get it up.
I'm pissed these guys still don't have a championship mindset.

You better be able to take a shot if you are going to give it. :cowboy:

As far as i know all points count towards a victory. There are no true or cheap points. You win a game by more than just offensive points. All facets of the game are valid and each one contributes to a victory, or in your case a loss lol. All i see is a homer trying to justify a loss by minimizing the value of the Argos efforts. Suck it up sissy! :smiley:

...I agree...

That's true, it was a loss plain and simple. It sure wasn't pretty.

Hey, I'm a Stampeders fan!

I'm just saying that the Argos didn't play that well. It was more the fact that the Bombers didn't start to play until it was too late. I think when you look in the boxscore, the stats will back me up.

Yeah, no credit to the Argo D for keeping the Bomber offence in check..