Bombers Toast

Bombers toast for the year?

Oh my god.... I was going to start a thread "Bombers collapse = no playoffs?!?

But you didn't give give me chance to get your goat.

You sir, are clearly no fun.

Well ... they have to go 4-0 to catch the Riders (assuming that Sask doesn't win another game). So we'll see how BC does today, if the Lions win the Bombers are in a world of hurt.

Well they don't need to catch the Riders, they just need to finish fourth and stay ahead of the third place Eastern team. If they go 3-1, then they have a shot, regardless of what B.C. does today. They do need to beat B.C. though in their game.

They have to catch either BC or Sask, so the BC/Hamilton game is hardly inconsequential.

If BC loses to the TiCats today, nothing really changes.