Bombers to start Brink

Wow… now this is surprising… :expressionless:

Anyone picking Winnipeg in the VGCC might want to make a change. :lol:
Anyone picking Winnipeg in the VGCC might want to make a change.
Already done

Winnipeg fans: Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee. (now we just need to wait until Toronto is kicked out of the playoffs...)

I guess he's just told the fans that they have packed it in and are in eval mode for next season.

Shouldn't this read, "Bombers are on the Brink"?

I think most fans would tell you they never got out of evaluation mode all season long.

The Bombers are on the Brink of elimination?... :lol:

the bombers seem to have all the talent in the world to compete with the top teams...they just dont.

They're on it?

And this is exactly it. Brilliant one week, horrid the next 3. Well not all their losses were horrid, but you know what football is about wins not almost wins.

They seem to be one or two players away from being a top team. There's aways missing that some little thing it seems. Its not like they're a joke like the Eskimos most days.

strange jyles stat... 7 fumbles... bombers have lost many many games by 7 points and less.. wonder how many of these were when jyles fumbled and the other team kicked a fg or scored a td. i recall a few brutal fumbles in our own end leading to other teams scoring immediately and the final score, we lose by less than 4.

Maybe what they are missing is a qb with leadership? maybe brinks the guy. im going to the game so im excited to see what he can do. could the bombers be on the brink? stupid slogans all over the papers.

First you need to actually beat Toronto.