Bombers To Sign Lumsden

You are so RIGHT. :thup:

Lose? Not much, if anything.

However, much like getting back together with an old girlfriend, bringing back Lumsden would have been a bad idea. Sometimes the past needs to remain the past. To continue the old girlfriend theme, you need to remember that you broke up for a reason. We know how this story will end. The same way we knew how the Buck Pierce and Dave Dickenson stories would end.

we should have signed him and still say that to this day ..

He completely messes up the ratio. Thats the first thing we have to lose.

If Lumsden were to come back as a receiver/tight end the ratio wouldn't be affected. Put Lumsden in for Bauman - what can it hurt?

Ockham makes a good point too.

That is a very big consideration, I'll agree when you are looking at someone who will be used "sparingly". But then again...if he stays healthy and has a good impact (touchdowns) it's a nice problem to have. :wink:

I trust O'Bie to do what is best for the team.

Why? Considering that since he left he's played all of one quarter of football. That would not exactly have been a very good return on the investment. Plus, you have no idea what re-signing him would have meant for other players coming here. Would there have been money to bring in other key cogs like Glenn, Bruce or JJ? I'd rather have all three of those guys than Jesse Lumsden. The team is better now without Lumsden, the record shows that. How many games did we win when he was on the team: ten, maybe twelve? Guys like him, Maas, Printers, Ralph, etc. are all reminders of a terrible era in Tiger-Cat history.

And if we're going to slurp NI RBs, we should start with Jon Cornish. If we want a "ration buster" at tailback, that's the guy to try and get.

TSN just reported that he's on the Bombers' practise roster.

At this point in the season -- 1/2 his yearly contract salary.

Only if Lumsden agreed to a PR agreement on the understanding that he was being looked at as a FB, would it worth taking the chance. If, over time, if was proven that his shoulders could hold up, then a new deal and consideration as a RB could be considered.

Lumsden is a very talented back and would’ve been a dominant player if not for his injuries. That he is still trying to overcome his injuries to play says alot about the man. I’d love to see what he could do over a complete season and more.

An Argo-Cat fan

Nice thing is, is that Buck P can warm up the IR reserve seating for Jessie....& it's the right thing to do for a teammate.


Jesse Lumsden would have been fabulous IF he could remain in one piece. However the Tiger-Cats biggest problem is that no one has brought in a decent running back-- Cobb is absolutely useless now ( Did you see Jock Climes drawing and comparison with Cory Boyd ? ) Why haven`t the Tiger - Cats used the fullback as a running back too ? --Just dumb !! --Bill G. always a T-C fan, originally Hamiltonian now in the Ottawa Valley

Matt Carter?

Not to mention JL isnt a slotback... how can getting hit by middle linebackers when you CANT see it better than them hitting you when you can?

Matt Carter is the starting receiver, Bauman is his backup.

Wasn't Neil Lumsden a slotback? It's just an idea Crash, I'd love to see Jesse back in the league.

Jesse Who?


Wasn't Neil Lumsden a slotback?

8) Neil Lumsden was a RB/FB during his career !!

Neil would probably be thrilled to learn someone thought he at least looked the part of a sleek, faster SB. :wink:

Mea Culpa. My memories of Neil are mainly as a receiver. In the No Fun League a guy of Jesse's size would be a sterotypical Tight End, no?