Bombers To Sign Lumsden

According to Nat Post's Mark Masters, the bummers are signing Lumsden. Good luck to him and I hope he stays healthy.

Yea, heard that rumour of luck to him :thup:

Maybe they found a way to screw the shoulder together, I hope so.

Man I will say he is persistent and tough.

Yes, best of luck to him personally except when he plays us and then, no wish on injury at all.

We don't play them again this year unless they make the play-offs.

Some of the most exciting times in recent memory at IWS were Lumsden running through somebody enroute to a big gain. I doubt he's getting Fred Reid's spot so they must have another role for him. Makes me wonder why we couldn't have found a spot for him, we don't use Sam Fournier or Bauman anyway.

No kidding! :thup:

I'll be very surprised if Lumsden can pass the team physical (the reason the Eskimos had to let him go). His shoulder cannot withstand the punishment that pro football can offer.

if he stays healthy, we will be kicking ourselves for not giving him another chance...

That's a huge "if".

He wasn't worth the distraction and disruption to the team even though he didn't mean for it to be that way. But I surmise the Tiger-Cats management felt similar. We are doing pretty good now and getting better so it wouldn't be worth the gamble to keep repeating the same mistake.

But, I like the guy as a person, so best of luck to him in Winnipeg.

All teams that give Lumsden a try dream of Jesse plowing over opposing defenses and heading for the end zone. Jesse is his own worst enemy by his running style and the punishment he give his body. I wish him the best of luck and hope he makes it. :thup:


(except against us, ok?)

Im going to put an end to this love fest.
He signed with the bombers, I hate the bombers, so I hope he does horrible and I don't wish him success. Not even sure why they would sign him, they have enough injury problems to worry about.

A good guy who deserves another chance and how about some good luck for Jesse.

I would have thought that Bomber management would have learned from the Buck Pierce debacle.

Agreed!! If he's not a ticat i wish nothing good on him, why would I, I mean i dont wish he gets hurt, or something awful happens to him but it would really suck if he ended up playing very well with the bombers. I'm not gonna lie and say i'd be happy for him. I'll be pi$$ed off.

On Twitter, Jesse says he will continue talks with the bummers in the future. I take that to mean nothing is imminent.

AND, I'll bet if given the opportunity he would play in Hamilton before Winnipeg.

If any team knows the exact nature of how serious his shoulder is, it's the TigerCats I would say.

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Subject to passing the physical however.

I said this before about both Dave Dickenson and Buck Pierce...IF (Big IF) he is medically cleared to play, why not take a chance that a GREAT talent can FINALLY stay healthy and help your team by signing him to a strictly performance-based contract? While I realize that my examples above did not work out, I still ask what does a team (Especially the Cats) have to lose by signing Lumsden?!