Bombers to open on Aug. 5 at full capacity

WINNIPEG — The 2021 CFL season will kick off on Aug. 5 in Winnipeg and the Blue Bombers will be allowed 100 per cent fan capacity at IG Field when they host the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

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Let get that 4th wave flowing


That's great news, 100 per cent fully vaccinated with no masks!!
Let's hope Ontario does the same thing after 3 weeks in step 2

I say great news!

100% capacity, no masks, all double vacc'd.

Let's get this show on the road!


You just can't quit beating that drum. Why not at least wait until a few weeks after the games get started to see what happens. There will or will not be a spike. At that point one of us is going get to say "I told you so" :grin:

There's a good idea! Lets wait to see how many people die!
Well let me ask you? How many deaths are you willing to allow? How many is acceptable before you say....Yeah that was a mistake?

If you say I told you so.....its no big deal
If I say I told you so...PEOPLE DIED!

Should be an amazing game, I’ll be so happy to see any CFL football but a Grey Cup rematch to boot! I won’t even mind listening to Rod Black although he won’t get to tell us that Luke Tasker is Steve Tasker’s son.

Maybe they can call it the First Annual Delta Bowl, in honour of that pesky new variant that will inevitably lead to a new fourth wave. Or Telus 5G Networks presents the Fourth Wave Bowl, something to that effect.

Let’s get this mother started.


Always amazes me how some people think that over 4 million people dieing is a joke

Yes let's get it started. Can't believe after going 1 year and 8 months with no CFL that there are so many negative people out there looking for reasons why it shouldn't start up. It's almost like they don't want it to start up and want it to fail.

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I'm totally ok with this. Anyone who cares has had their shots, the rest can sit on the outside looking in. Some people would like to shut life down for another year, it's time to move on with our lives & stop living in fear. Can't wait for the season to start.

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l guess Black will be back(sigh), but I hope Cuthbert has the first game, he's the best they have.

I doubt it seeing how he left TSN

Sounds familiar to our climate change debate long ago, you were on the denial side back then. How many people have died this year from heat related causes?

You really want to argue don't you

Not any more so than you.
Its a much bigger issue than covid.

Have a nice day

Thanks, you too? For the record, what's your opinion on Climate change now?

Your right I see. Wish it was Black hitting the road, he drives me nuts.

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Maybe CBC picked him up to do some Olympic gymnastics coverage

I'd be willing to bet a bunch that there will be far less covid related issues at a Bomber game than that discusting display outside Hab games a few weeks ago.