Bombers to make stadium decision soon

So in short form here is what I am saying re-worded.

We have a Government that collects a additional $350 million (non taxed) dollars from us and says no to putting it toward a new stadium....

We have a community that is saying (we will think about it) to a private citizin who is offering to put money toward a new stadium.

Yeah, that sounds pretty brutal (about Winnipeg). Although I have no idea if Winnipeg needs a new stadium moreso than Hamilton, Regina, or Ottawa, it would be great to have a new stadium built, because - as Beer said - it might get other teams on the bandwagon. Look at the boom of NFL stadiums going up - it's all happening at once. Re-creating that in Canada would be GREAT. And hey, it might even coerce someone to build a stadium in Halifax ...

It's SO frustrating that finally, someone is willing to put his private money into the CFL, but the gov't won't do anything about it ...

Maybe be a bit more careful calling Winnipeg the Red-light capital ... traffic lights were not the first things that came to mind when I read that :wink:

What government does not understand is that building new stadiums puts money back into the community. The constructions puts money into the economy and the products that use the stadium puts money into the economy. So why would they not build? The NHL franchises do this regularly and the costs are relative. You would think they would have learned from losing the Jets. They are losing anywhere from 40 to 50 million a year and that is a conservative estimate. Remove that much money from a cities economy and that hurts! The Asper deal is a gem for the city of Winnipeg a gift most cities would grab without much thought. The local government must be made up of total morons.

Well its not just the government, its the mentality of the people.
Winnipeg has remained the same city while other cities have grown simply because the people are scared of change in Winnipeg.
They are scared of Aspers proposal because there is a change in stadium, a change in ownership, a change in alot of areas.
So what if the team is privatly owned. At least is owned by a dedicated die hard bomber fan.

If that's the case, perhaps the Peg should go back to the horse and buggy era.

Winnipeg almost is in the horse and buggy area. There are so many red lights in Winnipeg you cant even drive as fast as a horse because your always stopping.