Bombers to make stadium decision soon

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The proposal window is officially closed, and now it's time for the Winnipeg Football Club to make a monumental decision.

WFC chairman Ken Hildahl said yesterday there will be between two and four proposals to redevelop the Canad Inns Stadium site, which is the home of the CFL's Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

That total includes the bid from Winnipeg media mogul David Asper, whose $145-million proposal includes a $25-million retail development and his taking ownership of the team. It would also require $80 million in provincial and federal government money.

After Asper revealed his bid in January, the WFC put out a call for expressions of interest from other developers, who had until 5 p.m. yesterday to submit their proposals. The Winnipeg office of BDO Dunwoody Corporate Finance Inc., which accepted the proposals on behalf of the club, will present them to a WFC board subcommittee tomorrow.

Hildahl, along with three or four other board members, will sit on the subcommittee, which will then present its findings to the entire board by mid-April.

"And that committee's got a lot of work to do between now and the middle of April when they'll make a presentation to the board," Hildahl said. "We'll take a look at what's the best direction and the best option for the football club and for football in the city."

It's believed there will be three serious bids when all is said and done: Asper's; another from Canad Inns Corporation; and a public/private venture from the Bombers and a developer.

Asper said in January that he hoped to have the Bombers playing in a new stadium by next year, but Hildahl said 2008 is "probably a little ambitious," regardless of which proposal the board selects.

"We're moving this along as quickly as we can. We don't want to lose that momentum," he said. "We gotta get to a point where we choose a path, we choose a developer that we're going to go to the dance with, so to speak, and see where it takes us.

"Even at that point there's no guarantees of anything because most of the proposals, I'm assuming, will involve an element of public participation through the feds and the province."

The board of directors has said all along that the public will have a say in the final outcome too, since the team has been community-owned since its inception in 1930.

....I dunno but I just don't see Lyle Bauer and Friends relinquishing control of their Ol' Boys club to Asper.......

Asper said in January that he hoped to have the Bombers playing in a new stadium by next year, but Hildahl said 2008 is "probably a little ambitious," regardless of which proposal the board selects.
A little ambitious, yeah!! Considering how fast these things actually move along, I'd be surprised if they were out of their current stadium by 2036 :roll:

Anyway, I hope this works out as well as possible for the Bombers, and that they get a new stadium ... it may start a trend in Canada to either update or build new stadiums across the board, which would be great ... especially if it convinced someone to do so in Halifax and/or Quebec City!


I am really hoping for Asper in this one.
I have never seen a plan this great come towards the bombers in all my life.

Canad Inns wants to attach a hotel to the stadium in their proposal. Why don't they team up with Asper and attach the hotel to his version of the stadium? They should be workin together on this! I sure hope they build the Asper one though... No dome!

I'm sure the big players will all end up working together on something that satisfies most, and get something done. I hope so anyways!!

Is the Polo Park site the only option, or are other options on the table? Is a downtown stadium site an option?

I read in the paper that they had 3 proposals on the table. Aspers and two others although they for some reason sounded a little secretive about the other two.
The Winnipeg Sun March 29 edition.

:thup: :thup:

I wonder if they can make the new stadium portable?

The polo park site will not need a hotel attached to it because Canada Inns has a hotel accross the street from it.

Well is April 5 now. The March deadline to making a decision is 5 days past.
Typical Winnipeg still has no answer.

It's not just Winnipeg ... these sorts of things are always late.

This is a no brainer, I can't believe the team may let a good thing such as David Asper go.

the article said the proposal deadline was march....the presentation to the board comes decision - who knows?

I know early on Mr. Asper was told by the BB how a decision would be made by the end of March.
What are they waiting for as a rich Canadian who wants a team and will build a new stadium slips threw their fingers.
Go figure.

That is a prime example of why so many people make fun of Winnipeg including myself.
Regardless of what it is, sports, entertainment, roads, ect Winnipeg always seem to screw things up.
We did not build a new Arena when we had the Jets. Then we lose the Jets. Then we build a new Arena. When everything is said and done, the old Arena was 500 seats bigger than the new Arena.
The Morray street Bridge linking Charleswood with ST James took 45 years to build.
Winnipeg is the Red Light Capital of Canada and it has no freeway.
Winnipeg chased out a Holywood production company that was going to dump millions of dollars into our city because they needed to replant a couple trees that were in the way of their movie shoot.
Winnipeg is so behind in the times its not funny.
From BeerBarons born and raised in Winnipeg.

Beerbarons I have to agree with you. What is to think about here? Seriously what has to be considered for this proposal. If I were David Asper I would put my money to a team that would appreicate it! This guy has bailed out the team and showed his loyalty for what to have the community think about it. :roll: That is pretty dumb do you not think?

Winnipeg really pisses me off sometimes.
The Winnipeg (lets no go anywhere attitude) mindset has got to stop.
Winnipeg was once the third largest city in Canada and now is smaller than Hamilton, Ottawa, Quebec City, not to mention Calgary, Edmonton and Vancourver.
Winnipeg at one time was the same size as Minniappolis.

Asper has done more than his share at helping the Bombers. This is a project that will also return the governments money back to them in 4-5 years and is a win/win situation for everyone.
If they dont like Aspers proposal then they should tell him no and take on this project on their own.
I already ranted at why I hate the currect stadium and in the past several years I have seen more bomber games in Regina than in Winnipeg.
The last Bomber game I went to I sat in the end zone on the benches because they were the best seats in the house where you can actually watch the game without distractions.
The best places to watch the game are in the upper deck and the end zone.

Now what Winnipeg has to realize is that we live in a time of technology and practicality.
Winnipegs idea of technology is to put up speed cameras at every intersection mean while our stadium is as obsolete as 8 track players.

Here is why I am allowed to rant.

The provincial government puts Casinos and Video Slot Machines in every restaurant and bar in the province and proffits $250 million a year.

The city of Winnipeg has speed traps and photo radar all over the red light capital and proffits an addition of over $100 million if not more.
(And they even admitted that its a cash grab)

When asked if money can be put into a stadium the governments says we dont have enough money. Thats a crock of crap.
$350 000 000 is enough to buy a new arena, and a new stadium every year.
Remember this $350 million dollars does not come from tax payers pockets.

So yes, it pisses me off when a private owner comes to a community owned team and has to do all the work.
Yes, Redandwhite2005, I do think its pretty dumb for the community to give David Asper the cold shoulder. Its kinda like they are telling David Aspers and his Family "well what have you ever done for us?"
David Asper is the answer the bombers have been waiting for and could give not just Winnipeg but the whole CFL a booste.
Aspers plan can influence other cities to follow suit and his plan may even influence non CFL cities to jump on the band wagon.
Aspers plan actually works.
I have never in my life seen such a good idea.