Bombers to go 0-18 this year?

Well, including the pre-season the Bombers are now 0-3 and show no signs of improving anytime soon.

We looked dreadful in our 1st two pre-season games and not much better in the season opener.

Face it, I know we have a "good team on paper", but we usually have had that since 1991- the results speak for themselves.

In 3 games this year we haven't even won ONE... and I don't think it's unrealistic to think the Bombers might not win ANY this year... :frowning:

For the record I AM a Bomber fan living in Winnipeg, but we haven't won the Grey Cup since 1990 (my God that's 16 YEARS!) and there's no reason to believe it won't be ANOTHER 16 years before we win another.

The Bombers won't win a Grey Cup until the organization is making millions of dollars a year and can field a team with the highest payroll in the CFL. But the ONLY way they'll be able to do that is to use the revenues a new state-of-the-art stadium will bring them. (It's impossible to make money at old, outdated Canad Inns Stadium... it's the "Winnipeg Arena" of the CFL)

Face it guys... it doesn't take a genius to figure out the Bombers organization goal is to whittle away at the ridiculous "debt" caused by Canad Inns Stadium, Winnipeg Enterprises, and years of mis-management...NOT win the Grey Cup.

At least the team admits as much. Last year it was "rebuilding year"... this year "the goal is to make the playoffs"...

Have we ever heard the team/organization/players say "Our goal this year is to win the Grey Cup"?

I don't know what I'd like more.. for them to say THAT, or to say "Our goal is to finish last overall"- so far at least ONE year we'll be pleasantly surprised.

S ucks being a Bomberfan.

If I'm out of line here, please let me know.

No, there wont be a team the will go 18-0 and there wont be a team that goes 0-18. Bombers will win a few games, some hope as many as 10 or 11, it could happen but a more realistic number could be 5 or 6.

...all i can say about the 2 posts above is that neither is very accurate...and as already proven by the first game in 06..Bombers definitely won't be will probably have to do a revision of the pitiful forecast...and most likely starting with the game tonight against T.O. :thup:

Not 0-18...

But certainly 0-2 after tonite. lol...Argos better bring their A' game :wink:

I can't figure this attitude out. I'm an Alouetttes fan and even I'M more optimistic about the Blue Bombers than some of you Bombers fans.

Look, win-loss record in preseason games means absolutely nothing. The point isn't to win, it's to evaluate individual talents to put together the strongest team for the regular season. So wash that out. Basically, you guys played tough and hard for three quarters in the opener, and lost in the fourth because of a pair of interceptions and some bad penalties. How on earth do you infer an 0-18 season from that? Berry is probably the best head coach you've had in 10 years and he will build you a winner over time. Your D looks MUCH better than it did a year ago. Glenn will find himself eventually. And you still have two of the league's elite players in Charles Roberts and Milt Stegall. There is no chance in hell that the Bombers will go 0-18 this year. In fact, they might surprise some people.

:lol: 0-18 is not going to happen this year number 1. Number 2, why were so many BB fans so optimistic in your posts in the off-season and now we lose one game and your already basically saying "WE SUCK". News for all you BB fans who are now negative, starting t'nite we will win and be 1-1 and COACH BERRY will address and fix all problems as he sees fit and we will be in the playoffs this year, GUARANTEED!! BERRY is no pushover like DALEY, he isn't here to make friends, he is here to win damn football games and it starts tonight.

Papa, Piggy, slap these doomsayers!

No team is going to go 0-18 (Hamilton tried but couldn't...LOL)You guys have made some good upgrades and will improve over last year. As pointed out in an ealier post, you've got good backs and receivers and have improved on the defense. You are one starting QB and one General Manager away from being a first place contender. (I know, Papa, I sound like a broken record on the Glenn issue)

Here's my prediction........ Berry will show Baur that he truly is a great football coach (Person) You will win 6 or 7 games this year. Baur will fire Taman, and give Berry the dual job of GM and Coach. He will find you a decent starting Quarterback for 2007.

Then KK can start planning parade routes! :wink: :wink:

...K.K. ever the optomist...if Glenn can have an adequate year...our 'd' should keep us in most games sport...We had success with Salisbury ..a similar qb. in the'll be interesting tonight to see if the offense can catch up with the 'd'...if they do..Argos will be in for a long night...goBigBlue :thup:

Actually, I'm hoping your Defense keeps Ricky Williams next to nothing..... I'm hoping for 12 yards on 14 carries! :smiley:

Hey Papa, You know who the Kevin Glenn Saga reminds me of???? Remember John Sciara? He was supposed to be the save-all fix it all QB for the Lions back in the 80's. Highly touted from the college ranks. Was nothing more than a suitable Back Up. about Paul Brothers....he certainly was no Joe fact ...he should have been a third stringer...Sciara ...i remember slightly...but he is one of those guys :lol: you like to forget in this a Tee Martin...or White for the ALS. but now Printers is another can be sure we will pursue him if he gets cut in the no-fun-league...along with about forty other :lol:

LOL this topic is hilarious... You lose one game against a really good team and you already think its over. Cmon guys, trust your team.

..oh ,i have no problem in believing in this team...seems some other fans don't...their perrogative.. :roll:

this year NO ONE is going to be 18-0 nor 0-18 every team is good theres no bad team (cough riders)and besides its way to early to give up on your team

I want to forget Paul Brothers! He threw more passes to the opposition DB's then he did to his own receivers....Oh, those were the "Paperbag" days!

That's very negative to say bout a team that has been in Winnipeg since the begining of the 20 century. I do think it is unwise to say these words.

what kinda crap this is, 0 and 18??? think 9 and 9, or 10 and 8, and playoff spot.

Well there goes that topic...0 n wish..

after 2nite i dont think weill have a losing season much for the 0-18 can start counting the Bomber wins lol :lol: :lol: