Bombers to dump Brazzell for Cavil?

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Most free agents want more money.

Kwame Cavil just wants more playing time.

Despite making seven catches for 107 yards and two touchdowns in two games this season, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers benched Cavil for the last two regular-season games and their playoff loss to Toronto on Sunday.

He was essentially a victim of the CFL ratio. The Bombers could start either Cavil or Chris Brazzell at slotback, and they picked Brazzell.

It was a good move by the Bombers, as Brazzell had a touchdown catch in all three games, but Cavil won't come back under the same arrangement.

"I'd love to come back here," Cavil said. "I'm comfortable here, but it takes more than just wanting to come back here to get me here. I didn't play in the playoffs, so evidently they weren't comfortable with something.

"Until they square that issue away with me, there isn't too much I can do. I got a family to feed. But I like it here."

Cavil and Brazzell are both slated to become free agents in February. Cavil, however, makes about $35,000 less than Brazzell's $125,000 annual salary, so he might be a better financial fit.

"I got no reason not to come back here, but everybody's got families," Cavil said. "I can't be sitting out no playoff games no more. I can't sit out any games no more, I'm sorry."

I'm kind of torn on who is better, Cavil or Brazzel.

Brazzel had a good start to the season, then did pretty much nothing through the middle, and then in the last 3 games he started looking good again.

Cavil had two games with the Bombers in which he had one good game, but also has done nothing since being a 1000+ yard receiver a few years back in Montreal.

Overall I think Brazzel is better, but he is being paid way too much. If Brazzel takes a pay cut then I say go with him. If we could fill the O-line with Canadians though we might be able to keep both.

If (god I hope not) Milt Stegall decides that is it for his career we'll have a starting spot for them both anyway.

Cavil is a solid possession receiver who hasn't been used properly since he left Montreal. As an import, he wasn't going to crack the Edmonton lineup of Tucker, Hervey, and Mitchell (although I think Hervey is a shell of his former self and no longer deserves to be a starter in this league). Then he got traded to Hamilton, and we all know what happens to receivers in Hamilton (just ask Brazzell!). Arriving in Winnipeg, once again he hasn't gotten a fair chance to show what he can do.

Brazzel is not worth 125 000$... They should go with Cavil and develop Arjei Franklin, who is a non-import.

does cavil drop as many catchable passes as brazzell??

cavil's being paid less, so the bombers can spend that $35K elsewhere...and they do have alot of free agents to resign, so that money will come in handy.

Cavil doesn't drop many balls. He's very underrated. The only reason we shipped him out of Montreal was because our defence was tanking bigtime, we needed help on the line, and we had four receivers on their way to 1000-yard seasons (Cahoon, Stala, Watkins, and Vaughn). No knock on Kwame.

I believe what made Kwame Cavil a 1000 yards receiver in Montreal was the fact that he wasn't the only speedster on board. Teams could not send their fastest CB cover him and Copeland at once. So there was always one of the two fairly opened downfield.

In Bomberland, Cavil could probably repeat if Stegall stays...

I think Milt will be back to set the record he so badly wants. Armstrong wants to go back to the Riders? He apparently spoke with Tilman proir to signing with the bombers and they agreed to talk some more after the season. He was only signed " per game " with the bombers and would like to join his buddies in Regina.

If Kwame Cavil wants more playing time, he ought to try performing when he is on the field.
I am not a big fan of Brazzel either, but he is better than Cavil.
Both are talented guys with no motivation.
But Brazzel seems to be okay if he has talent around him.
Cavil, I would just cut. And I will predict he will be seeking employment elsewhere.
But I see a pay cut in Brazzel's future--not much though. The average salary under the cap will be somewhere in the neighbourhood of 70-80 grand and recievers, and skill guys always make above the average.

As for Armstrong, if he plays in the CFL next year, it will be with the Bombers, as he is under contract to them.
I suppose they might cut him or trade him....but that would be nuts!

And I'll call Milt being back next year.
He is clearly still able to play at a very high level, and he still wants to win that cup.
I doubt the record is much of a motivation for him, but every little bit counts.

this is wrong..i posted an article on here on monday ( ? ), and armstrong promised to be back with the bombers next season.

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do u have an article to go with your claim???

Good for Derek.
I guess once you start edging towards 30 you discover that playing the game is more fun than sitting on the bench.
Sounds like he will also consider a contract extension so if Stegal comes back, and the Bombers dump Cavil (I really do think the guy is useless) the beast from the east might be Winnipeg next year.

so your saying dump cavil, keep brazzell?

im sick of seeing glenn make the perfect pass to brazzell, only to have him drop it...then people blame glenn for not throwing 3 TD passes per game.

i say, dump brazzell, keep cavil.

As I said, I am not exactly a fan of either guy, so I guess it's pick your poison....

if thats the case, one guy is cheaper then the

both the same height too.

Age could be a factor as well--Cavil is only 27; Brazzel, 30.
But I think Cavil has an attitude problem.
Read between the lines of the article this thread is based on. That sounds like a guy who wants the job handed to him, rather than work for it.
And being on his 4th team in 2 years should send up the red flag....

...ARMSTRONG has already committed to play for the Bombers in 07....sorry there redstallion...Tilman was a little late on that one... :lol:

Brazzel has been a disappointment wherever he's been.

I'm going to steal Thirds line.... He reminds me of a girl on that first date, yease, tease, tease, then nothing.

He started off great in BC many years ago and became a dud. There was a reason Edmonton and BC didn't re-sign him!

I don't know what Stallion heard, but Tillman was quoted as saying, "ten thousand a game and then 180 grand next year is too much money"
I would debate that point.
Armstrong, if he does not go to the NFL next year, will immediately be a contender to lead the league in catches/yardage.
And he will only be 28 next year.

yeah armstrongs a fricken good young reciever, him and stegal are amazing.

but as for those saying cavil is useless, i strongly disagree! u can say what ever u want about him, but bottom line is, he always catches the ball. i dont see cavil dropping many passes. in 1 and a half games with the bombers, he has two tds. hes alo 35 thousand dollars cheaper then brazzell.

Brazzell is a girlie reciever, to be blunt. he is afraid of contact, heres footsteps, what ever u want, he just cant catch in traffic. he's scared of contact. Cavil is physicle, goes for the ball. Cavil is also younger. the much better option IMO. so what if hes nothing but a third reciever. we already have a 1 and 2.

i completly agree with u DG.

Like I said, pick your poison. But keep in mind--4 teams in 2 years, either cut, or traded. And the 2 games he played with Winnipeg were the exceptions, not the rule in the last 2 years.
Anyway, I guess I am saying, you can have him....and good luck!