Bombers / Tigercats game thread

I wish the Bombers would have done the right thing and changed out of the retro jersey's at half ! This team did not deserve to even touch them , never mind wear them !
Kavis Reed has failed every where he has gone ! Not sure why Lapolice would try and rebuild the only strong point of last years team ? At least Mike Kelly's team played with emotion and heart, that was embarrassing last night and the whole team should be ashamed to call themselves professional football players ! We have no chance in MTL and Sask. I wish I could put both those games on the same pro line ticket !

What? I don't agree with anything you've said.

There is a reason for the challenge system. If your coach uses them up, that's his fault. Besides, Winnipeg would have had another one had they not wasted one on the obvious Ralph incompletion.

Which brings me to your second point: Brock Ralph is an "excellent receiver"? I have never heard anyone say this. He stills drops way too many passes and what he did on that second-down play might win Bonehead of the Year. The guy only has a job because of where he was born. And I can tell you one thing, no one in Hamilton would like to have him.

Then what’s the point of having challenges, if any played can be reviewed by Jake Ireland anyways? That’s a good way to slow down the game, by having over 5 plays a game reviewed.

First of all, nobody wants brock ralph.
Second of all, you are saying the bombers should have kept Michael Bishop because him and Brock Ralph had chemistry? :roll:

.....the 'buzzards' have spotted their dead-duck on the sidelines last night....he looks a lot like a Bomber d co-ordinator :wink:

Someone hired Reed, despite the obvious.

Yes, and not only hired him, but promoted him to assistant head coach as well.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Brock Ralph has one attribute and one attribute only: speed. Which isn't exactly put to positive use because he drops half of what comes his way, doesn't run great routes, and is too soft to make tough catches in traffic. Plenty of superior Canadian receivers in the CFL, and as for import receivers, it's not even close. MJ is right; if Ralph were American, he wouldn't be in this league.

Brock "Butta" Ralph :lol:

Ben Cahoon
Andy Fantuz
Chris Getzlaf
Rob Bagg
Jason Clermont
Paris Jackson
André Talbot
Kamau Peterson
Ryan Thelwell
Markus Howell
Matt Carter (sp)

That's 10 NI receivers off the top of my head who I'd take over Brock Ralph in a New York minute.

Add Stala to that list as well.

Arjei Franklin too.

Heck I'd take O'Neil Wilson over Ralph. . .

I'd take Ralph Wilson, and he'd count as an Import.

....i'd take Ralph the Dog over Ralph....( he did get shafted on that td. towards the end of the game but it doesn't make-up for his drops in earlier games) I think LaPo even called him out, after the stamps game, when he said about the miss by Brock, ' we pay players to make those difficult catches and it wasn't made'...Lapo got it right with that call.. :wink:

Harris got a pass in a situation similar to Ralph and turned it into a touchdown. Ralph thought he could outrun the defenders. Unfortunately for him it did not work. For weeks Ralph has been criticized for not trying after catching the ball. In this game he got hit trying. Under normal circumstances he could have been a hero for his td catch that might have inspired the team to try harder. The call deflated the team.