Bombers / Tigercats game thread

First thing first, have a empty flask and it needs to be filled ! Rye or Vodka ?

Blue kool-aid. :smiley:

Why haven't the Bombers fired Kavis Reed yet?

…That is undoubtedly the worst half of football i’ve witnessed all year…This team is not prepared defensively or offensively…Say Goodnight guys…let the airlift begin because this team couldn’t beat a cis club…brutal and any other description you can give to it…= a big pile of ‘poop’ :thdn:

Bottom line for that first half is that Mike Gibson just took Kavis Reed out behind the barn and gave him an old-fashioned whooping.

I said in the offseason that I thought (a) not re-signing Mark Nelson was a mistake, and (b) that hiring Kavis Reed as his replacement was another mistake.

I stand by those opinions.

With respect to personnel, great defensive line, the linebacking corps is a work in progress, but man does that secondary need work.

…gotta question the play calling once again to end the half…a RUN by Fred??? :lol: Lapo take a look at the bloody scoreboard…no field-goal kicker :lol: throw the ball…give your team a chance???This is just horrendous…Coaching has to be brought into question…This team was not ready for one of the most important games of the year…The first half was a debacle AND IF IT CONTINUES …WE’RE DONE… :thdn:

Where is Mike Kelly when we need him :smiley:

Drunk in a bar, dead in a ditch--who knows, who cares? We need a new secondary or we're in for a long, long season.
We'll be hoping for a West crossover if we lose this game.

...THE SECONDARY DEFINITELY NEEDS HELP......Jyles appears to have got us back on track....could it be a nice comeback....or will we be waiting for the airlift to get decent...still time and it's never over till it's over..:roll:

Fire. Kavis. Reed.

....this team needs more than a new d co-ordinator......bring in some decent people...Don't like anything this team has done in this game at all......Back to the drawing board for this hopeless bunch....poorly coached at this point and in need of some srious personnel up-grade... POOR EFFORT :thdn:

I can agree with that.

Bet the Bomber brass are regretting not grabbing Marshall when they could.

A few calls didn't help the Blue at all as well. Tonight just wasn't a good night overall :thdn:

Stick a fork in them–they’re done 39-21. After Mtl, Sask, Sask, we’ll be 2-8 & playing for the West crossover.
Won’t this be the 3rd year in a row we’ve been 2-8?

Gotta agree with MJ. Replacing Nelson with Reed was possibly the worst move Winnipeg made this offseason. Nelson had the Bombers playing tough defense even during the Kelly Carnival year. Reed has been a proven loser wherever he's gone.

Special teams in Sask
DC in Toronto during the disastrous 2008 season
DC in Hamilton where his defenses were never very good

How he keeps finding employment is beyond me. You'd think that after last week, he'd stop matching Suber against Bruce in COVER ZERO in situations where everyone and his brother knows Bruce has a very good chance of seeing the football.

He did the same thing in the Calgary game in the first half as well, cover zero, and got burned, and ended up costing them that game. Guys either really stubborn or really dense. In either case, he has made the same mistakes 3 weeks in a row now. Won’t be long before the media vultures start circling.

just finished watching the game thismorning.

WHY is brock ralph in this league?....this guy is brutal!

I think we all know the answer to that one. If he had a US birth certificate, I suspect he'd be either unemployed or plying his trade in the arena league.

And not only did LaPo put him in the same role in which he's failed not once but twice, he gave him a promotion and made him assistant head coach as well. Go figure.

I think I said before this game that it was time for Reed to earn his keep since I was singularly unimpressed with his defensive schemes last time out. Well he got totally schooled in this game by one Mike Gibson, and I don't recall Gibson ever being thought of as one of the league's better offensive coordinators.

Is it all his fault? Of course not. . . personnel has much to do with it. After all, whatever combination they use at DHB, Kent and Suber, Suber and Stewart, or Kent and Stewart, it represents a downgrade from last season's pair of Lenny Walls and Jonathan Hefney.

But he has to take responsibility for a good part of it. He installs the schemes, and they have been sorely lacking. A coach also has to take a large share of the responsibility for team discipline, and the Bombers' D showed a distinct lack of that in last night's game, way too many undisciplined penalties (hello, Philip Hunt).

Bombers burned for a clear TD, that should not be allowed! Gotta give Jake Ireland the ability to say, "hold the phone, thatat guy just scored, I am not going to sit here and not call it out"

I know it`s time they are worried about, but they could tweek the rule to just read....Jake Ireland has the disgression when someones challenges are used up, to review any play that is clearly been called wrong on the field. Simple as that, would not have made the game any longer.

As for Brock Ralph, an excellent receiver that most teams would love to have, whether he was Canadian or not. Maybe you dont take his QB away from him from the previous year that he was developing a real connection with, just sayin