Bombers/Tiger Cats

Still settling for FGs instead of TDs. Solid ball control and an offense that moves the ball but can only muster a couple FGs is easily undone by one fluke play that leads to a TD. That read zone % needs to come up.

Grigsby is money catching the ball out of the backfield. Running it... not so much. Struggles to beat first contact after the handoff.

I don't know quite what to think of Grigsby. Everything you said wolverine.But the combo of him and Cotton is interesting.

and I was just about to say the rushing has been fine - and Grigsby busts one.
I’m sure there will be a heavy dose on the ground this half.

From Twitter:
Neufeld out with a leg injury; doubtful to return.

Not good, the Oline was just starting to click it seemed.

Game is still close and Hamilton putting a drive together to end the 3rd, need to start taking ol mo back in the 4th here.

I've been critical of Peach, a lot last year. But he's had a good year so far. Good motor tonight from him.

That pass looked so lame but it was caught.......what a finish!

This Bomber team reminds of past Bomber teams, always exciting. That's the most excited I've been at the end of a game in quite a few years. You can see the team learning as the game progresses and game to game too. It's a beautiful thing to watch.... We need to have a blowout win on somebody to allow the other QBs a little sugar... Yes Wolverine, we need to punch it in more often and less field goals, but I think that will come as this team evolves. Great game. Wish I was there. Damn.

The thing about these game winning drives, it makes the team believe they always have a chance - unlike the last few years, fall behind and it was over before it started.

And almost as importantly, it gives the fans the feeling that all hope isn’t lost. Going 95 yards on the final drive was damn impressive!

I think another big difference is that O’shea being a Canadian is definitely not afraid to put a Canadian boy out there in crucial situations. He knows how good these guys are and will depend on them, which will only make them better.

Good thing there was no one at home to see me jumping around at the lastTD. :smiley: Awesome drive!

Agree 100%.His willingness to insert Canucks and rely on them is telling.

....I'm going to start calling Willy..'cool hand luke'...When it seems it's all over he stands in there and delivers...After the D caved in the second half, we found enough at the end to get it done.... :thup: Mike O has a winner on his hands and I just like the guy all around for the way he handles the team...Even IF we would have dropped that one tonight, he knows he's got a lot of talent who'll find their way back quickly...Just a great feeling after so many bad years...Keep it going BIGBLUE... :rockin:

Very true LGB. Willy was terrific again and nice change of pace with the running back duo.

Yep, not anything like years past. A year ago we might’ve seen a knee down on the xtra point to send the game into OT. All right all right, 'nuff Burke bashing, for now.

rushing Bombes 83 vs Ticats 47

yards passing Bombers 361 vs Ticats 189

Should've been a killing but only a 1 point win.

Offense played well enough and the D was fairly strong most of the game. Receivers played great IMO, made a number of tough catches. Just goes to show you how a couple of special teams breakdowns at the wrong time can undo a great effort by the offense and defense.

The Bombers won, so this is not sour grapes. After the first 5 games of the season the refs were calling 'roughing the passer' when a player even touched the QB. Last night there were 2 blatant times that penalty was not called concerning our QB. I just want consistency, that's all. Non-calls are what piss me off. We saw this with Buck. It seemed like it was OK to hit him illegally....The other play was the dual facemasking with only our guy getting called. Hamilton could complain of a couple of missed calls too. Rant over. Just needed to get that off my chest. We won in spite of it. I slept well again last night.