Bombers/Tiger Cats

Winnipeg looks to improve on their 4-1 record by taking on the 1-4 Cats in Hamilton on Thursday. Despite having just won their first game of the season on the weekend, the home side opens 3 1/2 point favourites.

More nonsense. Lefevour had a good game but it was against an Eastern team. Everyone's had good games against Eastern teams. There are 3 teams in the west that have as many wins as the eastern teams combined. I think the one win for the Tabbies is overvalued.

I like Lefevour. I think he's Hamilton's best QB, even considering Collaros. He's got good legs and they bail him out on his inexperience. The game played to his strengths. He was able to use his legs and gain yardage and first downs. As his confidence grew then so did his comfort throwing the ball. The big question is have the bombers learned anything from their loss to another QB with good legs in Reilly. If they can contain him and make him sit in the pocket more then I think advantage bombers. If they let him run around like Reilly did against us, then we're in trouble as our wins have so far come against QBs that don't or haven't run much (Ray, Burris, Glenn, Smith).

Knew he had great mobility, but didn't think LeFevour was much of a passer. He sure looked good versus Ottawa though. Then again, it was only Ottawa.....

I think Ham. has to worry about us, not the other way around. GO BOMBERS !

Bombers o-line will get Greaves back for this game but Knapp sounds like he'll likely be out. Line down to 3 at a few places so grabbing the 3 1/2 while it's still there.

Hopefully we can handle the noise :smiley: :smiley:

I agree. If we have turned the corner, then this is a game we should win.
I’m sure we’ll be ready for the LeFevour Fever :stuck_out_tongue:

From the crickets on the field? They were pretty loud… :stuck_out_tongue:

Normally I would be going to this game. I love the university stadiums. This is a unique experience seeing that the pros are playing at McMaster. I can't go due to shingles. Guys, DO NOT get shingles !!!! Get the shot....... Anyway, my son and a few of his friends are going, so look for a young handsome guy wearing Bomber gear. GO BOMBERS !

Hope the symptom’s go away asap and it will be a tough game. Hamilton defense is tough.

.....Bombers better be up for this one....The Cats' are a bit snarly after their poor start...This game depends a lot on how LeFevour performs...No way he out legs our D guys like Reilly did and our secondary is covering like a tent.... On the flipside of the coin IF Drew is on his game with the receivers, it could end up being a long night for Austin and company... :wink:

Thanks, Kasps.

No Nick Moore for this game. Aaron Kelly is back and looks like Romby will stay in. Maybe they put Kelly outside where he was to start the year and move Bryant inside? Or maybe Kelly comes into the slot since he's shown he can at least catch a pass and the bombers use the slot receivers more than the outside ones. Grigsby will need to do better on the positive yardage side than he did vs BC.

Hamilton's defense is tough but they lose Craig Butler. Still hate to see Marcellus Bowman in ticat colours. He had a very physical game against the Redblacks last week.

They have only 6 sacks over 4 games so with Greaves back should bode well for keeping Willy upright and giving him time to operate. They're giving up 4.5 sacks a game but LeFevour could be elusive. I still believe, as papazoola said, that as long as we can contain him and not let him do what Reilly did to us with his feet, then bombers win and we see a whole lot of Austin Angry shots.

Speedy recovery Dan38.

Thanks, wolverine 29.

LOL!!! With only 6,500 capacity at Ron Joyce,my guess is that your son and his buddies shouldn’t be too hard to spot wearing Bomber colours,in fact they will probably stick out like a sore thumb. I can hear it now,tonight’s attendance at R.Joyce stadium…6,497 Ti-Cats fans and 3 brave souls wearing Bomber jersies :slight_smile:

I think the only noise you’ll have to worry about kasps will be the sound of all the beers being popped open in the beer tent set up in the end zone, because,there is no alcohol allowed in the seating section at the stadium :roll:

No way. 1st- we’re going to beat those 3 teams anyways. 2nd- you’ve got the EASY east all wrapped up, now that you’ve got a QB. I was never impressed with Collaros. 3rd- Weren’t you guys just at the big game last year ? It’s our turn !

My son is going to meet one of his college buddies who is a die-hard Ti-Cat fan. Another one is an Argo fan. It’s good fun. We all love to razz each other, because we know that we all love this game ! GO BOMBERS !

1st-Would love to see you beat those teams,and there is no reason you won’t !! :smiley: 2nd- yes,we do seem to have it EASY this year in the East :roll: …thanks by the way for switching back to the West this season :slight_smile: 3rd-Yes we were certainly in the Cup last year but against those dreaded Riders :thdn:all I thought was wouldn’t it be nice to see your Bombers knock off those Riders and then we could have a nice 30th anniversary reunion of the last time the Cats and Bombers played for the Cup(1984)(the Cats got clobbered that day by the B.B’s 47-17 by the way :oops: )besides it could be billed as the drought bowl,considering that both teams have the longest droughts between Cup wins in the league,1990 and 1999 :cry:

I hope your son and his buddies have a great time at the game,it’s too bad that it’s not at THF,but I’m sure they’ll have a good time nonetheless :thup: Hope your feeling better Dan and in all seriousness I think that we will be in for an excellent matchup tomorrow night…may the best team win…As long as it’s the Cats !!! :smiley:

Thanks for the well wishing Bobo. I remember 84 very well. I still watch the tape I made. I'm happy there will be a new stadium, but I do miss old IWS. Every team this year is just a stepping stone to the final victory. If we have to beat you guys 3 times to win it all, so be it. Looking forward to tonight. Cheers. GO BOMBERS !

I am glad I dropped in, a ticat win tonite will be even better.

Interested to see what difference Greaves might make in the run blocking tonight. Should be a good one, let's go with Bombers 27-24.