Bombers/Tiger Cats - Week 3

Edwards and Bryant both out for this week's game at Guelph. Hamilton opens up 4 1/2 point favourites.

please, at this point you can just bring your 16th stringers and run all over us.

It took a super super human effort by our D to over come Buck's performance, last week. With Burris at QB you have a chance and no pro team wants to be embarrassed at home like they were vs Edm. It will be close and maybe another sloppy game on both sides !

I'm hoping to get to Guelph for this one. I'm still trying to figure out what happened to the Cats. I hate when we play a team that just got smucked. Last year every game seemed that way.

Not having both of our starting DT’s will hurt, just glad Zac Anderson can play DT & DE. Let’s see what he can do for an encore. Frazier in as well I suppose. Hopefully they can keep that pressure.

Russ Hobson @russ_sportsguy Rec Jade Etienne appears to have suffered an injury and has just left field with training staff. #Bombers
Wonder if Poblah is ready to go if Etienne is going to be out for any game action. I know they just added Taylor Renaud back to the PR, but I doubt he's ready to see game action.

Judging by the number of seats unsold, at least there won't be a lot of people around to witness the game firsthand, regardless of how it goes.

just like the Pre season game ! or where they the 17th stringers :wink:

Your team couldn't do anything against Edmonton, will be interesting to see how you fare against a team with a backfield in addition to a solid front. I think the Bombers will beat your team if their offense plays smart and Buck does not try to force the ball.

Winnipeg 31 Hamilton 14

Well, HfxUFC, Your team is going to get Hammered this week ! 42- 13

Maybe, do you suffer from ADD ? You have a real hard time staying on topic.

You know there's a lotta consternation when Al's fans and Ticat's fans go at it in the Bomber forum...


We do get some lively debates going in here and I personally like hearing the opinions of others fans, most are really intelligent in their reasoning.

As for the game, it'll be won or lost in the trenches.

For me turnovers and penalties will be big in this one, both teams are struggling with that. Bombers lines are much better than Hamilton's IMO so is the running game.

Where you've been at Hfx? :wink:

Normally I would agree with you about us having better lines, but as stated we will be down both of our starting DT's. We do have some good young depth though, so we will see how they do. They will have their hands full trying to chase down Burris. Our Oline, like everyother team, is still a work in progress.
But I do agree that ball control & discipline will be huge. We can't keep expecting the D to save the team.

I'm curious to see what they do with their running game. Gamble has not impressed anyone at all. Do they go to Walker ? Do they get Fantuzie back ? I can't see them releasing Walker much until their protection problems are resolved. Burris can't really run anymore, unless the middle is left wide open, age and in particular the bulk he's added really show on that aspect of his game.

This is a good matchup right now for the Bombers even if its on the road for a second consecutive week.

Burris can still scramble, he did a ton of that this week.Took off for a couple or three nice gains too

Ya, Burris does not run as much as before, but even his worst rushing totals are better than AC's best. The point I was making was that they will have to chase the QB more than they did last week, which should give their receivers more time to get open.
Any game against the Ticats has been a good matchup for us :stuck_out_tongue:

Its a ploy, look at the stats over the last few years. He does it three to four times a game just to perpetuate the myth. Of course if you vacate the middle he'll take advantage of it but he no longer has the acceleration or instinct to run outside. I don't think Winnipeg will try and come around the edges as they did against Calvillo.

Hamilton should have a good oline, that rookie tackle made things look worse than are against the Esks. If their oline has a good game, the Bomber defence will be in tough.