Bombers @ Tiger-Cats Oct. 7/11

Though the Bombers won both games against Hamilton this season, I would not be so confident of a three-peat.

  1. The first game was the first game of the season for both teams and was played at pre-season efficiency. To me, it indicated nothing other than the Bombers D has a great secondary.
  2. If not for a clumsy play by a Hamilton receiver waiting for a block at the goal line, Hamilton could have easily won this 2nd game in Winnipeg. The Ti-Cats showed dominance in the trenches due to their size advantage and their receivers also enjoy a huge size advantage over our cover team, meaning we have to double-team and/or play zone defense.

If the Hamilton O-line can keep the pressure off of Kevin Glenn, he might not throw as many pick-sixes as he has in previous games and actually give the Cats a chance to win this game. I don't expect Buck Pierce to play both halves if the Tabbies get to him early. For the Bombers to have a chance at first place, Pierce needs to stay healthy enough to play most of the remaining games, especially against Montreal.

There are no games scheduled for Nov 7th, nor July 11th. :wink:

Try Oct. 7, 2011, Einstein.

....A lot of IFS and COULD HAVES in there ...So if we're going with that premise...SO IF the Bombers don't lose to Cal by one point early on ...AND get in from the one in the last one against the Als....the Cats aren't even close...So we'll stick with the reality of the situtation....Bombers are a better team as shown by the points in the standings...Are the Cats better now????....They'll have to prove that on Friday (or not) :wink:

Sorry man, I saw the 7/11 and didn't see the Oct.

I'm looking forward to this game as are many; I like the Bombers chances...take the points and Winnipeg :wink:

If the Cats win against the BB's and the Als lose against the Argos (hey, miracles can happen ) then we are in for one of the most exciting Eastern races in ages. :rockin:

If it's any consolation, my mind completely failed to recognize Oct. as a month and thought it was some sort of rare preposition...

Am I the only one with an Einsein vote for the Bombers in the poll?......Skookum :stuck_out_tongue:

Me too. "7/11" is a date format. Why is the 11 even there anyway? Makes the thread title not make sense.

Not anymore. Hamilton seems to be on the perfect course to end up at .500 again. This week begins a 3 game losing streak, followed by a 2 game winning streak to finish at 9-9 just like the last couple of years. Then we get a winter of postulating about whether or not they make the jump to contender next year

Somehow I'm not surprised you wouldn't believe in the Bombers.. lol

by the way.. Kevin Glenn doesn't need pressure on him to throw pick-sixes

I think Winnipeg will rally around Pierce's return. I just have a gut feeling on this one, I don't know why.

Maybe the feeling is Glenn goes HalfTheDistance..............Bombers: Show it to Me :rockin:

Just think, it's less than 5 hours from the onslaught of Bombers fans whining about how the refs screwed them... :twisted:

I like the Cats in this one, but we'll see. Hopefully we don't hear the words "Pass Interference" all game long. :cowboy:

Almost as funny as a Bomber sweep and TiCat fans telling us how their team gave the game away. We shall see shortly.

Ain't that the truth, LMAO

attaaa be Clint! watch out Robo knees glenn, thats coming all game.

Bombers doing well running the ball; contain Thigpen on punts; field position favours Winnipeg who lead 3-0
Edit: Penaltys are hurting Hamilton on the last drive TD Bombers now lead 10-0