Ugly depth chart for the game on D. Only Leggett, Randle, Westerman, and Bass playing tomorrow started the year last year on D and Westerman is the only guy starting in the same spot. Unreal how much it's changed from last year. And our only guy with a sack, Trent Corney, is out, lol. I guess we'll see 2 new DE's, Tuck and Hubbard. Maybe one of them will assert themselves over Green at the other end spot who's made exactly 1 solid play in 2 games. Unless the offense shows up early for once, this will look a lot like the season opener Ticats-Argos game.

There's nothing wrong with these Bombers that a miracle couldn't cure.

I think we might win because O'Shea has by now had time to look at the game film from the last loss. :roll:

Some points;
O'Shea or whoever once again will not pull the QB when he is struggling. They wait and wait and wait till it's too late. Maybe they're waiting for a miracle ???.. I want to see Davis in there. Give him the reins. If the result is the same, then we know where to look.

I would rather lose TRYING... Do something DIFFERENT !

A bunch of new players and the team looks like last year's and the year before that's version. The consistents are the HC and the QB....Don't want Lapo or Hall as HC. We need Tom Clements back or maybe Hufnagel can slide over. Somebody that will crack the whip.

Key players keep getting hurt. Why ? Why does this team have so many injuries all the time ? Is it the coaching or lack of ? Is it guys trying too hard ?...Guys filling in for the injured want to prove themselves and are vunerable to injuries and penalties. We see this all the time and I think the HC is responsible for the way players play. Rookies too hard and vets nonchalant. If this team doesn't care then why should I ?

I now DON"T look forward to the Bomber games anymore. They are painful to watch. Two losses that are eerily similar to past year's losses have deflated my excitement for this year's team. I think we can expect more of the same until we find a real HC.

Normally I would be going to tonight's game in Hamilton(200 miles round trip) but why bother. I'm staying home and watching game film live... I now shut off Bomber games regularly. Never did that before. It's sad.

I hear your frustration Dan, and I share it. Doesn't help much when the announcers call out the players for their body language and suggest they don't share the fans level of give a care.

Injuries happen. Every team has to deal with them. Look at the Als who started the season with one of the most experienced receiving groups in the league and now are without SJ Green and Kenny Stafford. Bottom line is the guys you have in back up roles have to perform, and you never know I suppose with inexperienced guys until they are actually in the fire.

I'm not ready to bail on the team quite just yet (although Dressler causing the delay penalty leading to the missed FG and Brandon Banks TD is pushing me closer to the edge). 70% or so of our starting defense right now is new from last year, and what, about 50% of our starting offense is new players. It'll take a few games to gel. I expect this first 6-9 game block may be a challenge, but they'll need to build over that time and go on a run on the second half of the season.

The boys look good tonight. Way more in line with what I expected this year.

Yes, this game is more in line with what I expected. I am not bailing on the team but it's getting more and more disappointing waiting for them to turn the corner. Maybe last night was that turning point BUT we have to look at who they were playing. This is not a slight on the Cats, but they are struggling lately. After the Banks return, the game could easily have turned into a rout. Both teams were inept in facets of the game and I'm of the mind that when the other team gives you the ball 6 times, the finality shouldn't come down to the last minute defense of our team.
I know we need to gel. I'm just getting tired of waiting. Things are looking better !

O'Shea should have punted after the penalty that moved Medlock back and resulted in Bank's return. There was chaos and a punt would have settled things down.

Why was the TD by Owens allowed when he and another player were 5 yards offside. Because our D moved first is not a good reason to allow a blatant mistake go.
AND Austin should know along with every Cat fan that Owens has been allowed to be offside on every play from scrimmage for years with the Argos. I don't understand why the refs don't call him and I've been complaining about it for a long time. They must consider him a darling. Take advantage of it Kent.

It was an exciting game though and that's refreshing in itself.

Officiating was terrible last night, but it was Proulx. No matter how many "eyes in the sky" you put, he'll find a way to butcher it. I'm still waiting on how that TD was allowed to stand. Cummings was offside but so was Owens and another Ticat receiver. Penalties should have offset and down replayed IMO.

Agree with you, Dan, on the punt instead of the long FG. Knowing the winds can be unpredictable at THF and the team a bit out of sorts after Dressler forgot to get on the field, I think you trust Medlock's leg to try pin the Cats deep.

Defense played much better. Shologan had some nice plays, Westerman was noticeable again. Hubbard with a dynamite play to end the Ticats final drive, which I had already fully accepted was probably going to result in a TD and us losing. Green was mostly invisible again and it seemed Hubbard got the bulk of the playing time. If he keeps that up Green probably ends up shuffled to the PR once Corney is ready to return, or released if they find another player. DBs are still giving up a lot of cushion too often which helped the Ticats get into a groove in the second half.

Offense was better. We had some luck, but other teams will have luck against us and you still have to take advantage of it. Some really astute plays, like Macho's on the kickoff. Too many points left on the field ending with FGs. But even though the offense moved the ball, we're not going to win a lot of games in an 18 game season nickel and dimeing throws all game long. Willy connected on basically 1 deep throw, an underthrow to Adams who adjusted to the ball for a 40 yard pickup. The few other times Willy was asked to throw deep were terrible overthrows to open receivers. This has to get better soon to keep defenses honest. Rough game for Goosen last night as well.

Looking forward to the Esks next week.

Bang on once again wolverine :thup:

We made need the nickel and dime approach to get Medlock to give us our only offense points. At least we move down the field instead of a multitude of two-and-outs, which I find hard to stomach. Willy has been overthrowing since the first pre-season game. He can't depend on Smith catching unseen throws all year.