Bombers/TiCats GameDay Thread

Yes, I'm very well aware this is the Alouettes forum, but we should care about who we're potentially facing down the road.

For anyone watching the game today, here's a thread for us to voice our thoughts on.

So let me start it off by saying...GO TI-CATS!


Yeah, I'm not afraid of either of them, but I distinctly dislike the Bombers and one can't help liking the Bellefeuile led Ticats.

On the other hand, I am a bit nervous about the Lions. More than any other team, they seem to have our number. If Winnipeg wins, the Lions are out, so I'm kind of conflicted as to who I want to win today...

I dont care who we play, I just hate the crossover, thats why Im rooting for the Bombers

If the Lions made it to the Eastern Final they'd be even more banged up than they are now...I wouldn't mind a banged up team coming into Montreal. Reality is that I don't think that will happen...if they do cross over they won't make it through the Bombers/Ticats. But I'd rather have a strong Eastern competitor knocked out of playoff contention.


Close game so far. Both of these teams look like they really want the priviledge of losing to the Als in the Eastern final :wink:


Lookin' like a Hamilton/BC Eastern semi-final next week!

B.C. better prep up Zac Champion to start.

Why do you hate the crossover? It’s a more fair system than what you used to occur when a 6-12 team would make the playoffs, while a 9-9 team didn’t.

Actually its not a fair sytem! But more on that in a sec

  1. The grey cup is East VS West, the crossover could end that
  2. In ever other league, NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA you have teams with better records miss the playoffs while teams with worse records make them and no one complains.
    3)If you are in one division, win in that division, lose and you are out!

Now for the unfair part!

How is it fair that BC bumps Wpg out of the playoffs because they have 1 more win?
BC only had to play Montreal twice while WPG played them 4 times! Montreal dominated the league this year, WPG is penalized because they play in the same division, BC is rewarded because they play in the other.

We could also "attribute" this year x-over to the Sept 4th game Als vs BC:

Next time a team put a protest on a match..maybe all the team in that division will backup that team up !

I know, it's a lot of if's & but's...fact is BC got 2 pts from that game which was all that was needed for this year's x-over....

Remember all the Wpg fans who called us whiners over it?

Ro....I've had a big grind since the game ended...thinking about us being the "whinners"......who's whinning

Only thing tought, is that the CFL season is coming to an end....

5 games left & going "coucou" from December until June....

Regarding that HAM @ WPG game:

I was rolling on the floor laughing when Ti-Cats intercepted Bishop and TDed it. Then they jumped on the boat and having their little fishing cruise. Imagine my laughter when they did it again, jumped on the boat again, only several minutes later!