Bombers-TiCats Game on 9/16

Hi All,
It is official, I am coming to E. Canada for work this September!

Anyone know how far of a drive is it from Pearson airport to Hamilton? I am flying into Toronto, and might be able to get to see at least the second half of the game against the Bombers in Hamilton. Also, any suggestions as to nice areas to stay in Hamilton that night?

Also, anyone a Blue Jays fan? They are playing the Red Sox on Sunday. I will be staying in Toronto from Sunday-Wednesday (September 17-20), and am thinking of going to the game on Sunday afternoon at Sky Dome.
Any suggestions about either above would be great. Hopefully I can meet some of you at either/both games.
Go Bombers!

You could just stay in Toronto if you are going to see the Jays too, and because it’s a Saturday it’s an easy drive to Hamilton.

I plan on staying in Toronto starting Sunday and leaving for Montreal on Wednesday.
My flight gets in at some point during the first half, (if not earlier), so I planned to drive to straight to Hamilton form the airport. How far is it from the airport to Hamilton (I am under the impression that the airport is south of the city)…
Go Bombers!

Pearson to THF is just a little over 50 miles and with good traffic you should be able to get there in approximately an hour or less. The game has a 4:00 kickoff time Saturday so when is your flight scheduled to land ?

Here is a link that might help you out .

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South of the city? you would be in Lake Ontario.
Try to get on the 407 highway to Hamilton and then on to the QEW highway and over the Skyway bridge and just over the bridge into Hamilton and the stadium not far.

Or just follow the app “Waze”