Bombers @ Ti-Cats

Oh, I can see this game getting confusing fast. Both teams look like they're wearing Ti-Cats uniforms. When Rod Black said the Ti-Cats were wearing the dark jerseys, I thought to myself, "Are you sure?" :?

Anyway, I'm hoping for a Hamilton win because the Ti-Cats are my second favourite team, and I no longer like Mike Kelly (not that I liked him all that much before; I was more indifferent toward him).

Yeah really lol looks like they have way to many men on the field LOL

Oh, wow. "It's off the goal post, and that means you get nothing." Thank you, Black, because I thought you got a single for hitting the post. :lol:

That gem's going in the Hall of Fame of stupid comments. :lol:

I know of at least one person who would like to see a single point for hitting the goal post… :lol: :lol:

Is it me , or do Hamilton's retro jerseys look pretty much the same as the regular ones? The only thing that looks "retro" are the helmets..

....Mike Kelly is the Blue Bomber Head Coach....

...hey Chief, do you know that last year Siddeeq Shabazz used to play for the Eskimos?...[clink]...

When I saw Hamilton's jerseys, I thought the black looked dark blue, and so I just assumed they were the Bombers. They actually reminded me a bit of the retro uniforms the New York Jets wore last season. The Bombers uniforms look like Hamilton's away uniforms. :lol:

Um, yes. ... Drunk at dinner time, red? :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:, but working on it...dinner won't be for about another hour or so at least so I have lots of time to do some research on Shabazz if you need me to...

Shabazz is also an ex Raider. I've always like him. I think the Esks are paying dearly for letting him get away.

Actually, the helmets were about the only thing that didn't match the old uniforms. In the 60s, the Ticats wore yellow helmets. I'm disappointed that they kept them black. The "TC" on the side was virtually impossible to see.
Not sure how it looked on TV, but the yellow was actually gold -- more of an orange-yellow than the yellow they currently wear. I remember when the '72 Grey Cup was played here, the entire city was covered with those colours, and it really brought back memories to see that colour combo again. Not sure when or why they switched colours.

When I first walked into the stadium, I was wondering why the Ticats were warming up at the visitors' bench, and why they were wearing the white shirts. Then I saw our boys at the other end, and pieced it together. Still, a few times I had to think for a second before cheering: "Wait, is that a catch, or an interception?" :lol: