I'm a bomber fan entering hostile territory on the 15th of September for the bomber-ticat game and would like a few pointers:

  1. If there's an opposition team section, we'd like to know where it is so we don't piss too many people off.
  2. Me and three buddies would like to take part in some pre-game tailgate action, any tips?
  3. We're also going to be needing a ood spot for food and beverages before and after the game, any tips on that account would be great.

The Ti-Cat fans are something else (to cheer for such a lousy team for so long), but with Lumsden, it'll be tough for us to pull of a win - me and the guys just want to go and have some fun... good natured mom jokes aside!

Stay home ... we don't need your kind here.

Feel free to contact me at the below email or phone number and I can answer all your questions.

Hope have a good time in the hammer , I'll be there booin' ya'll!!!

Cheers big ears!!!

Outside the stadium, you will be treated very well. During the game, inside the stadium, NOWHERE is safe… lol

Box H is a good bet, right behind the enemy’s, uhh I mean “visitor’s” bench…

As far as places to eat check out this link and pay particular attention to the last one in the list. (disclaimer: I don't have any financial interest in that establishment)

Enjoy the Ivor Wynne experience!

side note: I just booked my trip to the Peg for the game on the 29th of September.

Get seats in Box J if you can evil laugh

don,t come into our and i mean DON'T come into our house wearing your colours. Cannot guarantee anything, but you will enjoy Hamilton, lots of good places to eat, if you get a chance, go down to Augusta st. and enjoy a good pint of Guiness.

Don't take some of these comments too seriously.
Watching a game at Ivor Wynne Stadium is a great experience for anyone. Lots of laughs, good fans (for the most part) and the people who run things do a great job keeping you entertained. The much-maligned stadium announcer does (in my opinion) a good job too. On the down side I'm sure you will not be surprised at the high prices for food and drink.
I'm sure you will be forgiven if you don't participate in the Oski-wee-wee chant but I think you will have a great time September 15th.
Let us know the good and the bad after the game.

Visitors section is Box J.
Remember to wear your jerseys and bring an extra large Bombers flag with you.

The Ivor Wynne experience is something else! I have friends from Toronto who are Argo fans and they come to every Ham-Tor game because they love the experience and the crowd so much.

Yes we TiCat fans are a vocal, loyal, football loving crowd. And some of us can be vicious when the team isn't doing well. (Ask any player) but we LOVE our football.

A good place to eat ... it's a bit away from the stadium so you'll be driving if you can is Rankins 1334 MAIN ST E. Deals on wings before and after the game with a ticket and GREAT fries and beer. One of my fave local restaurants.

Have fun (despite the loss!!!!)

We could be battling with the Bombers for first place on the 15th.

That's a little silly - tell all the Ticat fans going to Montreal this weekend not to wear their colours at the Als game!!!

You can sit anywhere at Ivor Wynne and it will be good seating!

You will be treated with respect...the drunken fools with the foul mouths are mostly gone now! Some people just like to keep the "Neanderthal Drunken Bum Image", alive...they should give up and enjoy the game! Besides...if somebody gets out of line...don't put up with it! Speak up to the authorities!

You will be welcomed cordially at the tailgate parties at Scott Park (which is right beside the Stadium where most park!) I encourage you to walk around and visit the different tailgates!

True fans of the CFL don't go for all the BS! The fighting is done by the players on the field! We are just spectators there to be entertained!

We Ticat fans have been treated very well in your stadium. Oh sure, you can expect a little good-natured ribbing...but what it really comes down to is the fact that we are all Fans Of The Game!

And just in case some of you have forgotten...these fans from visiting teams are "paying customers" and "guests" in "Our House"! I'd be the first to tell you to "sit down and shut up".."you embarrass me and yourself"!

Couldn't have said it better myself woody, when I was at last year's game in the Peg, I was treated respectfully, even allowed to Ranek made short work of the bombers so it was all good.

Well thanks all for the replies and suggestions. We will most likely take you up on the tailgate action, and probably go somewhere afterwards for beers with the locals (I'll bring a change of clothes if/when the Bombers lose).

It's just a game, and while we'll be there cheering loudly for our side - we have enough experience at Regina for Labour Day to know when enough is enough!

I look forward to experiencing a game at IWS - your new owner seems to have a pretty good approach to the game day experience, and while I love watching Charlie Roberts dance... that Lumsden is sure something else - quick feet, power, and a solid mind for the game... we'll be lucky if we hold him to under 150 yards!

Glad to see you're coming to Hamilton for a game, bomberfan64.

Depending on where you're staying, you might want to give a place called O'Neil's a call. I've always liked them, and there's two locations, one above the escarpment, and one below, and they have delivery (at least below the mountain).

Try Laluna at the corner of King Queen. Never fails to impress anyone I've ever taken.

The Ti-Cat fans are something else (to cheer for such a lousy team for so long).

I remember a Bomber team that was just as lousy for a number of years!!!!!

Have a great time at IWS........

LMAO, sorry just found this funny. Ticats and 1st place doesnt really go together. See yah next year, dont let the door hit you on the @ss on the way out.