Bombers @ Ti-Cats game day thread

It is a game at Tim Hortons Field - so there will be a breeze - but it is not expected to be anywhere near as bad as last week's game. It will be hot and humid though with temperatures getting up to the 33C range here in the Hammer today with a 30% chance of late afternoon scattered pop up thunderstorms.

By game time forecast temperature in the 29C - 30C range with a humidex in the mid thirties. Winds about 15 km/hr and by evening only a 10% chance of rain.

Soo hopefully we see a better game than the debacle played here on Canada Day.

I'm going to this one, so it had better not thunderstorm. :?

Same here, I won't mind the heat but getting rained out would be annoying.

Looking forward to a big Cats win :rockin:

I was going to go but my plans were a bust. Oh well...

So far - the weather guys seem to have it right. Some scattered storms seem to be pushing through right now but it looks like they will be totally cleared out of the area in the next half hour or so.

Still about 300 tickets available on Ticketmaster for this one - about 90 minutes to kickoff.

[i]GO Bombers!!!!

Beat those stinky cats! :rockin: [/i]

Good deal for those in the US - both games are on ESPN2 for a double header tonight

Speedy Banks Shotgun TD - 121 yards missed field goal run back :thup:

How did Winnipeg get a single point to start this game??

I saw the missed FG returned by Banks, but not where the 1 point came from.

Looks like a full house and a nice night for football - minus the heat. I'll assume a lot of beer sales.

Opening kickoff for a single

Good to hear but I asked this elsewhere… Why are 4 games being squeezed into Thursday and Friday night? Are we really that scared of Wimbledon?

That was plainly one of the best returns of all time that I have watched in the CFL.

Banks even evaded two tacklers who definitely had the angle on him at midfield, and I think he even hurdled one of them. Back to better CFL action already this week indeed!

I’m thinking that many here in the US who saw that play are still watching. I hope it makes ESPN SportsCenter though it has less of an influence any more.

I know man really. :roll: Such scheduling is awful but it so happens for me, for I am off on Thursday and Friday nights for July and until I leave my current job in early August.

Years ago someone on this forum stated that because many Canadians head out to cabins and lakes in the summer on weekends, they move more games to Thursday and Friday. Next week there is even a game on Wednesday. :roll:

I'm not Canadian, but I can understand such reasoning.

Hopefully Speedy-B can do more of that because the offense looks pathetic.

Who was that team on opening night against the Argos and how do we get them back?

As I explained following the season opener, Hamilton is nowhere close to the calibre of team they had in 2013 or 2014.

Fast 1st Quarter.

That's fair but the Argo game showed they have potential. After last week and the first quarter tonight, I worry it was a mirage.

Andrew Harris showing everyone what a beast he is. If Harris doesn't get AT LEAST 25 touches, there's something wrong.

Still can't believe BC let Harris walk - - their best Canadian as well as their best offensive player.

Bombers OLinemen trying to run a stunt. Predictably, Drew Willy gets crushed by an unblocked DT.