Bombers/Ti-Cats complete blockbuster trade

Winnipeg has traded Tom Canada to hamilton for Zeke Moreno.

Tom Canada seems pissed.

....I like ZEKE....this guy has one of those motors that never quit....unfortunately i think that's what happened to Canada... he just isn't the same this year....maybe a change of scenery will re-charge him... :roll:

No wonder Canada is pissed, going to the fire from the frying pan.

Winnipeg is in no better standing than the Cats, both are 2-8, and at least we know our HC is out of a job now

But winnipeg was in the Grey Cup last year....meanwhile Hamilton has been the worst team in the league 4 of the last 5 years...

what the? Canada does not want to report to Hamilton? also he's in the hospital getting some scans done on his spleen, strange turn of events here, big baby i say

ya apparently he is injured and says he won;t report to hamilton. but the deal is signed so its the leagues who has to solve it. i think canada is being a cry baby over it, and i feel sorry for hamilton cuz he acting that.

Although i feel he is being this way cuz he loved the city of winnipeg the club and the acceptence he has gotten from the fans. winnipeg is a great team for fan recognition and he didn't and doesn;t want to give it up.

Probably figures if he can hang in there till the end of the season. Taman and Berry could be gone...

I know they have had some problems with him taking bad penaltiesm but why would they move him? Glenn should be moved along with Berry being fired, i'm getting tired of Berries excuses when interviewed on his teams lack of success, he's looking very nervous

i agree he is. and he got put on the table today. he was asked "when are you going to take some responsibility for the non-production of your coaching team."

all he did was snap on how he has been taking responsibility but never gave any reason on how he has.

I could hear the screams all the way over the Rockies"

" I don't want to go to Hamilton, I don't want to go."

well apparently he is in a winnipeg hospital getting scans done on his spleen. the initial belief is that he has a ruptured spleen. said he ahd felt something as wrong for a little while now.

I don;t know what t believe i don;t think he is the guy to fake and injury but this is his way of saying no way to hamilton to get it looked at now. so fak or not he is very immature about it.

Another GREAT move by Taman, 2 in a row, YES i am pissed at the Bombers for blowing the game on Sunday and i am wearing a paper bag on my head BUT why all the negative comments about Taman?

He has pulled 2 big trades in 2 weeks that look POSITIVE for the Bombers, getting the best MLB in the game and a rush end in Kai Ellis, do you think that a Moreno comes around often? you are wrong. Not only did the trade HAVE to happen, it is a positive for 2009 as we have to start looking at next year.

The negative about this trade is the BIG "L" i like this guy and he would return as a Bomber, now with Moreno, is that going to happen? did we sell out the big "L" too soon, i am afraid so, this guy can hit , he can tackle and the way he played on Sunday before the injury, looked like an All Star, now what? we got a great middle linebacker in Moreno, but may have lost a GREAT MLB in the big "L". Simpson looks as if he is done as a Bomber with Moreno and the Big "L". Maybe he can move to OLB, does he have the speed? have to keep him around for next year, How? i have no idea.

The trade was a great one and Ellis was a great pick up, but seems the Bomber Coaches are still thinking 2008, can we still make the playoffs? mathematically, YES, reality, NO!! great trade but was done to salvage a season lost, the BIG "L" is a great player and has heart, hope we find a way to keep him around, Moreno is a great MLB as well, tough call here.

The one thing Taman is doing wrong is keeping this coaching staff in tact, if it isn't Berry it's Cartwright, now the Bombers played a good game offensively for 3 1/2 quarters, but abandoned the run too EARLY, AGAIN and Marshalls Crew pulled a stinker in the 4th quarter, now we can blame Cartwright, Marshall and Berry. OUCH!! Argo's get the "DON" back as coach and we sit here with THREE LOSERS THAT CANNOT PLAY TOGETHER (OFFENSE AND DEFENSE), when it rains it poors. Watch Matthews and T.O go on a TEAR now, our season is DONE.

...there is no-way Lobendahn is going anywhere....i'd like to see this guy converted to another position....we cannot... repeat,cannot part ways ...His history is that he had an achilles tendon problem in the past...But according to team sources ,that is NOT the injury he suffered in the banjo bowl....only a strained knee...This guy will be back and along with Moreno...well.... i think we have the start of a beautiful friendship...Obie and Taman are still talking and if Canada retires i think we should expect someone to replace Tommy in the trade...who that is ....anyones guess?????probably a receiver...apparently Moreno is in the Peg in some hotel room waiting for this all to play out....i feel sorry for the guy...

Matthews can't fix what is wrong in TO. His last years in MOntreal he was making some stupid decissions to. TO doesn't have a Qb. Winnipeg does and can salvage their year and still make the playoffs if they got rid of the cancer on their team as they are trying now. After milt stes his record cut him too as he isn't he;ping the team. They have to make some trades and are starting to now which is good.

you want to get rid of the cancer. can cartwright. he offence doesn;t work with or without his play calling. we are up by 17 and he abadonded the run. the 4th quarter the bombers should've just drove the ball down the throats of the riders and all h does is pass. thats a cancer for a football team. after him you fire berry for the simple fact he won;t take any blame and i am certain none of the players want to play for him. i still think we need to pick up a vet DB and ut sheridan and kahn cuz they aren;t going to be top line starters ever again. stegall is not the problem with our recieving core, that finally looked pretty good again.