Bombers/Ti-Cats 2

I love the brain trust that runs the Ti-Cats. Jones couldn't beat the 7-0 Lions so lets put McManus back in against the Bombers. The only team we can realistically beat because we don't have any games left against the Riders. So if McManus wins a game we can probably win, all the Danny backers can say Danny was the man all along, and the Cats won't do anything to solve our QB problems because McManus won a game. Danny won, we don't have a QB problem no need to worry about the future of our organization what-so-ever. This is a rant. I don't like McManus and I don't care if my arguements have holes you could drive a Mac Truck through. Just please, please win one Hamilton Tiger Cats!!!!!!

I hope you feel better.

BTW, was there a point in there

CONGRATS on the WIN.................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeast#5 you are right!

All I have to say is, and every one who watched the game will tell you that refs in the CFL are bush league. Come on now, no catch. That was unreal. Unfair time keeping and Troy Westwood are the only reasons the Bombers lost.

And Danny Mac just looked awsome, as did the Winnipeg O...