Bombers Third Jersey

Heard a rumor that the Bombers will be putting out a Third Jersey.
Supposedly Gold…don’t know about the number colors.

Anyone heard anything on this?

It is true that we’ll be getting a 3rd jersey for sure. Chances are it will be released sometime in September most likely at the Banjo Bowl. I’ve heard two rumours about it. For sure it will be gold but the numbering will either be blue or i’ve heard they might even make them gold as well, making the jersey a solid gold.

Gold eh? Like all third jerseys, it’ll either be a really slick look, or an absolute disaster. I hope they sport a modernized version of the team’s original sweaters, that or bring back the retro look from the 80’s for a game.

i hope it’ll be black, those seem to be the only cool looking third jerseys

It won’t be black, GUARANTEED ha ha.

Whatever they do I just know it’ll be embarrassing. The ones they have now give me a headache.

Maybe the fans as a group should let the team know what we think and just boo the team unmercifully at the next home game. Maybe throw some used clothing to cover up with. :oops:

Finally, someone who feels the same about the new jerseys as I do. I think (and I’d hate to do this but…) someone should email the Rams about the Winnipeg jerseys so that the Rams will slam a lawsuit against rebox and get them to chage them!

quit whining already god dammit

I gotta agree, the new jerseys are already being used and plus theres no use in whining in the first place because the CFL signed a contract with Reebok. So were screwed, but enjoy what we have because who knows maybe we’ll have to sign with Nike and we’ll get something way worse.

The Rams might sue Reebox if they get word of the new Winnipeg jerseys, I’m sure of it!

Nah I doubt it.