Bombers ~ The Good, Bad & Ugly vs. Calgary

The Good - (actually great) = 29,800 folks in the stands. Even with W. Miller slashing ticket prices and putting in some freebies getting near 30,000 is outstanding.
Bombers still a highly skilled and mostly disciplined football machine. They have soul. Agudosi = "A STAR IS BORN". Zach continues to thread the needle on his 7 to 15 yd passes.

The Bad - Legghio turning into absolute putrid crap again with a batch of missed FGs, converts, etc.
Bombers have problems on their o-line, obviously the new center (Kohahananski) & Geoff Gray aren't earth-movers. Ball-handling (turnovers) - Jenn Grant & Olivera. Ball looked slippery, at times to QB Zach.

The UGLY - Bad challenge by O'Shea. Easy pressure sacks on Collaros. D7 getting gashed by Carey in 2nd half for 20-25 yd runs, Legghio reverting to past form. ST coverage on Stamps kick returns.

That said - Bombers have turned into a mostly efficient football machine that never seem to panic. They started terrifying Bo-Levi in 2nd half and forced him to panic. They got a tad lucky down the stretch w/ Calgary big-play penalties. It was hard to watch - if you were a Calgary fan.

NB. Under the Good - thought Mr. Dunigan did a tremendous job. Despite the occasional fit of mumbling (Kate Beirness who's at least 20 yrs younger than Matty, tends to slow-slur her phrasing a lot)/
Dunigan also brings out the best in Junior Neilson - if Neilson is paired w/ someone from The Mope Squad (Old Glenny or Duane) he tends to abdicate control of the broadcast. With Dunigan - he shares the joy!
The Mope Squad guys basically operating on stiff game notes and tend to not celebrate the game.
Last nite's broadcast might not have been Don Wittman & Little General - but it was exceptionally good; even with Matt & Junior talking over each other, a lot.


If cowtown can get the stupid penalties under control the outcome would have been different.
But as they say, that's football and it don't matter if you shot yourself in the foot that many times to lose the still lost.
Bo looks to be the Bo of old again. He played well enough to win. It was not on him for the dumbass penalties, especially that last one that took away the TD that would have tied the game.
Also on the other side of the field on the 3rd down gamble of them needing 1 yards... the play was stopped cold at 13 yards and the Bombers took a stupid roughing the passer 15 yard penalty.


The only real stupid penalty on Cowtown was on the guy's electrifying TD return; it wasn't necessary. Most of the holding calls were pressure-holds as the Calgary o-line were brutally defeated by The Willy J gang.

Bombers dribbled the ball a couple times (or was it 3?) plus they took their requisite share of PI penalties on those long BLM hoists!

Some good;

2nd and 18 used to be a challenging task and a low first down conversion %. Seems that is now the Bomber wheelhouse.

Ellingson is 18 / 21 in the past two games. You can kind of guess where the ball might go. Still nothing from the ground game despite the effort of the players. Best thing they did was to chew up the play clock and keep the Calgary O off the field.

Some bad;

The call on Liegghio getting knocked over 5 seconds after the play which turned a missed field goal into a td.

Some ugly;

Calgary receivers fighting for the same ball in the end zone that each on their own would have had. Bomber defender beaten from two sides on that one.

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5 seconds...i think your adrenalin very much messes with your internal clock and sight

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Mikey O'Shea ain't gonna change from stubborn old coach to plug n play guy overnite but I don't know how much longer he can withstand Legghio's atrocious place-kicking and somewhat iffy punting?

My guess is if Ali Mourtada is running hot in practice he'll be inserted into the lineup for the Edmonton game. Mourtada has the big leg - but it tends to be brutally inaccurate. Can it be any worse than Legghio?

If Legghio is injured then its 95% chance Mourtada gets tabbed.

If not - I say 65% Legghio vs. 35% Mourtada for the next outing!

Little Bo Peep 12/28, 43%
Good, Bad & Ugly all right there depending on who you cheer for.


You are so right but in the end, it's all about results:

You won't hear us Bomber fans complaining! :partying_face: :boom: :beer: :pizza:


Mope squad.. love it. And sometimes I find Matty annoying but he had some great insite in his analysis even though it's been years since he strapped on the pads. Ford and Suits talk as if they played in the era of Moleskin Helmets.. bye bye long overdue for those two.
Fab game by two great, great teams. And, I certainly wouldn't have wanted to be an O player as D hits were huge. Ells is a fab receiver who can catch in traffic and take a lot of punishment doing it. And a star is born with new guy. Bombers have a way of plucking great receivers out of the woodwork. Darvin Adams.. name sounds a bit familiar. And Augustine should have cemented himself into number ine RB. Even though O line not operating on all cylinders he made them look good as he hits the hole
very fast, more so than Oliveria.
Reminds me of Mini Mack Herron on sweep


There was a guy… Owned an NFL team that always used to say….
Just win baby!!
Go Bombers


The call on Leigghio was illegal interference not a roughing call. It "is" illegal to hit or block a kicker behind their line of scrimmage if he is not intending to be part of the play after a punt or FG, until the ball is touched by the opposing team. That's what happened on the play, good call.


Can't wait for punters to start dropping like they have been shot. One step closer to Euro soccer.

Always fun to drag out a rule book when the play goes your way. No disrespect. wins are wins and Grey Cups are Grey Cups. I personally think they should go with a giant belt buckle with the Three Stooges engraved if they do happen to win it again.

I pick Calgary in the rematch.

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I guess Legghio was so bad you have him under both the bad and the ugly.

To the good I would add the Bombers D Line. They were a force all night and cemented themselves as the best in the league, a designation that was hotly debated on a recent thread. I was starting to worry about Willie a bit but his last two games were simply outstanding. Better than the week he was named one of the stars of that week. He is once again a one man wrecking crew. The constant pressure on Bo forced several passes that he was very lucky were not intercepted, including the lame shovel lob on the first series.


Well it's something you have to live with having soccer style kickers. It's like hitting a golf ball 6 inches to the right of the tee that turns into 160 feet right 150 yds out. Bob Cameron, Lui Passaglia all made these guys look like amateurs. There were other great conventional kickers but one always stands out .. Riders Jack Abenshand... he was a lineman as well. He kicked a western conference winning field goal in a raging blizzard. He nor anyone else save the run back guys could see the goal posts. Jack put his head down and punched it straight through the centre. I'm betting a soccer style kicker would have no better than a 50/50 chance, especially when the goal posts were invisible.

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We know you pick anyone but Winnipeg. How’s that working for you in the pool?

I just have to point out that right after you say “no disrespect” you state that if the Bombers threepeat they should go with a three stooges engraved belt buckle. I can only imagine what you might say if you were showing disrespect. I also wonder what the other 8 teams would have engraved on their belt buckles.


Actual question. Was it OPI from Agudosi?

Yes Marc missed his kick before but the player did contact him. Did he drop? Absolutely. Answer? Don’t touch the kicker. Same with the RTP call on BLM on that last drive. I Didn’t like it. But letter of the law. Answer? Don’t hit him after the ball is gone.

Rematch should be better.

Side note: Mike Rose is a monster. Man he was in our back field every other play.


That was Larry Robinson for the Stamps vs the Riders circa 1971 ish.

Roster size dictated players playing multiple roles. I was a fan of the kicking lineman. Those days are gone and now everyone is a specialist.

Cam Judge also played well.

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Matty pointed out that a holding penalty will invariably happen when re run back guy goes anywhere but straight ahead. It catches his blockers off guard and they have to make angle or grab block. Always remember Rich Wozny for Bombers, he was a Brandon kid.. eh ? Rich's main job for Blue was run backs. and he would tuck the ball in, usually in the old wrap around style, put his head down and plough straight ahead. Many times he led the league in return yardage. I can't recall if he ever broke one wide open as he wasn't particularly fast but he was a beast to tackle.

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Punters have always sold this call, where have you been??
It was a stupid play and the only person you should be mad about is your own player.