Bombers that good or Lions that bad?

The Bombers are a much improved team compared to their dismal season last year but are they that good or am I over-estimating the talent the Lions have?

I went to the game yesterday and there was no tenacity except for one particular play that brought the Lions' bench and the fans to their feet. When Glenn is off he is really…really…off. Gag, the game was painful to watch.

At one point QB Beck was tossed into the game only to get pummelled by a fired-up Peg D.

How does this sort of thing happen? How does a team blow out another team like the Lions did to the Als last week and then one week later not be able to put anything together? The Lions looked like they were not sure about what they should do. I rarely leave a game early… rarely! I left last night with about 9 minutes remaining. You just knew that it was not going to be one of those nights where the team would eventually break through and turn the game around.
I'm always hoping the Lions win their games and when they don't, but it is a good hard and well played game, I'm disappointed but I feel I got my money's worth and was entertained.
On this occasion the Lions did not deliver. All I can say is…."Lions if you are going to lose, make it a respectable loss for goodness sake!"

Winnipeg owned the Lions last night!

By the way, the next time the media interviews a Lions player they did to choose someone other than Harris. When asked for his thoughts on the game? "We just didn't make plays." Duh. 25,000 people could see that! Come Andrew, come out with something a little more original.

On a side note…..

It was nice to honour Geroy Simon and the crowd showed its appreciation with a standing ovation. It was well deserved. I noticed that while Geroy was still giving his acceptance speech, Lions PK Paul McCallum was walking out onto the field and setting up his equipment to practice a few FGs as he generally does before the half-time is over. In fact McCallum started practising before Simon left the field. I thought this was tacky and disrespectful. I know McCallum wanted to take a couple of practise kicks but at least wait until the man of the hour has left the podium!

a bit of column A and a bit of column B. :cowboy:

I think the Lions are the least interesting team in the CFL. completely dead. I went to the opener and they were awful in terms of effort. And the atmosphere was just fake noise. I will not be back.

Leadership is lacking. If they think Harris can fill that role they are sadly mistaken. Benevides is bag of clichés. Historically they treat veterans very poorly.

I predicted earlier that Buono is paving his way back onto the field. I still think we will see that.

Re: McCallum: I think he is by nature callous. I have never seen him exhibit class. From his open refusal to mentor young kickers, to his disparaging comments last year about Parades, to his silly CBA talk etc, etc. Maybe it stems from getting manure dumped in his Regina yard. I think he's a disrespectful, cynical punk.

Feel bad for my brother for picking up season tickets this year. If they played entertaining football in their losses it would be salvageable, but they're just awful. I'm not a fan of Benevides for many reasons. Kevin Glenn plays well when he knows which team to throw to - and that's only been in 2 games. And no, it wasn't the "trade of the century" to obtain him. What a ludicrous statement.

I'll keep my Lions' decal on my car and maybe force myself out to another game this year because I enjoy the misery.

Rant over. So, how's your day?

I agree with Slant's take on McCallum. Personally I wished the crowd booed McCallum off the field for being a distraction. The crowd was cheering and trying to listen to Simon. McCallum could have waited or better yet simply foresaken taking a few practice place kicks in respect of Simon. It must be McCallum's personality. I remember congratulating him at a Lion's practice. He's scored a phenomenal FG against Calgary and won the game for the Lions. McCallum was as gracious in receiving the accolade as a narcissist would receive a compliment.


" when he knows which team to throw to…"

You nailed it. This guy throws when the Lions receiver has a blanket over him he is so well covered. Or… he will throw it right at a defender with no Lion around for miles. I like Glenn's play but good grief.