........Big game for Brink and the Bombers...I'd sure like to see something from this Crowton guys offence...Got to say not that impressed so far....Not only will I be watching for something good from that side of the ball, I'm going to be giving the D, particlarly the MB spot, a thorough examination....Is Labbe getting it done ????Muamba is pretty green but he should be showing us something by now...Burke has to be concerned and disappointed with the D line play thus far in 2012...I believe that if we suffer another loss, there'll probably be some moves before the 4 game home-stand...I've got a feeling we may be looking at an american for the middle and possibly bringing in a new defensive end....This team is better than it's shown so far this season and it's time to turn this thing around...Once key personnel start coming back off the injury list, we should get back on track... :roll: GoBombers

Hopefully we can get out of the first Q without any major catastrophe's and giving the game away. I Didn't hear to many ringing endorsements of Crouton. Vanpelt from ESPN , ripped him while being interviewd on tsn 1290 earlier this year. :expressionless:

.....We will be facing a new kicker in Swazey Waters....( i wonder if he;s any realtion to Sneezy Waters who played Hank Williams in the movie 'The Show He Never Gave") Maybe this kid Swazey won't show-up and take-up the guitar...We've got to hope for any advantage we can :lol:

lmao, said the same thing to myself. But I didn't think anybody would have gotten that one !!!! Hope he drinks like Hank!

.....'.I don't think Hank done it that way' :lol: :lol: ((Waylon Jennings).....nobody will probably get the private humour kasps but what the hey....At least we have a little humour left.. :wink:

Simpson in for Dorzon. Will be interesting to see how our running game will be.
I just hope we don't have any more injuries. We need Stewart, Suber, Bowman, Douglas and Watson back. Those injuries hurt. Just noticed Mainor has been placed on the 9 game. Ouch.

2 & out for the D. 'Bout time!

Please don't let Matthews be hurt!

Agreed; the team hardly needs more injuries. What's been impressive to me so far is the coverage in the Argo secondary. Crowton is going to have to figure that out but quick, or it's going to be a long evening.

So why exactly wasn’t that pass interference? The defender seemed to have Matthews around the neck before the ball arrived.

I don't think he had him by the neck; his arms were out to try to catch the ball.

Down Mathews and Edwards after 9 minutes! Wow!

Pasco started at halfback, but the last few series Washington has replaced him. . . is he hurt too ??

Ray is throwing to receivers who are open; Brink throws and almost every time his receiver is covered. . . so far, Chris Jones is outcoaching Gary Crowton.

nothing new there MadJack

Anyone think Dorzon is going to get another chance? Simpson is taking the bull by the horns.
Nice to see matthews back.

Silver lining so far. . . Simpson is a heck of a lot better runner than Dorzon.

I'm impressed with Simpson...

I don't know how far away Bowman is to coming back, but they sure need him. . . that Doe is a liability.

Nice play there..Brink to Denmark - 55 yarder at the Argo 1...punched in TD Brink.. 11-10 Toronto

Lead was nice while it lasted. After the turnover we should have run the ball, used up the clock, and got at least another 3.