Bombers /T-Cats

.....Our guys FINALLY got a break and it looks like most of the posters on here, including me, took the week off as well.. The schedulers were not kind this year and it's been one helluva tough haul these last few weeks..Now we're well rested and it appears we may have Willy behind centre... IF it so happens we go with Brohm, I'm not that concerned...Looks like there are going to be a few changes to the line-up for this one, as Sears is drawing back in after a short hiatus...That'll shake the Cats up knowing he's lurking, looking to lay some smack on their guys...Looks like the Cats running game may be a little suspect look for Collaros to be throwing most of the game...If we can pressure him and get him out of his comfort zone ,we should be in good shape...Rested and waiting to kick somebodys a$$...Bring it on caretaker.. :wink: :rockin:

Hey Papazoo, Justin Hickman's back in town,he was asking the other day if his boat was still docked in the Bomber endzone :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: Just so you know he will be wearing #5 and you'll be able to find him and his buddy Norwood in your backfield all game long :smiley:

Let the trash talking begin,it's going to be a good one on Saturday night,can't wait !!! :thup: :cowboy: :smiley:

The good news is it's looking more and more like Willy will be starting the game. Don't know how long he'll last after getting hit, but at least the Bombers would have a chance if he plays. Bad news is Collaros has played very well since being injured and the TiCats are the better team right now.

.....ah yes...the boat incident...that one sailed long ago....Been told that we're starting Devin Tyler on the o line...a real big boy who might be a big problem for your d line guys ..We obtained him from the riders who have a surplus of o line guys...Willy played behind him in Regina and likes him a lot :wink: Give Willy some time and he'll carve you up :rockin: (hows that for smack talk :lol: )....This team hadn't had a break since preseason and it was beginning to show....Guys are back feeling refreshed and both teams appear to be ready for this one....Should be a gooder :rockin:

The thing is the cats will still get into the boat but this time it going to drift away taking them down Pembina. There goes half the team.

:D :D :D

This is a payback game. Winnipeg stole one in Hamilton with seconds left, and I'm sure Austin will remind the Ticats of that.

I say Willy is knocked out of the game by halftime.

I got a funny feeling that this one will be very similar to the first game this season,when the B.B's literally STOLE ONE :cry: from the Cats on that last play wounded duck,wing and a prayer throw to the end zone.Yup ! I'ma thinking that last team with possession wins this one as well.......only this time it'll be the GOOD GUYS taking it this time around :wink: I'm expecting a good old fashioned smash mouth type of game from these two as both teams desperately need the "W" to remain in contention down the stretch drive to the play-offs.I hear that Willy looks to be a go which is great news,because the Cats would rather beat up your starter then some two-bit nobody that we gave you guys in the off season for basically free cause we felt sorry for ya's :stuck_out_tongue: .We just figured that Brohm would fit in better in the Peg considering his initials are B.B. so why not let him play for the B.B's ?

Okay enough trash talkin' for now,it's now time for a little fun and trivia........ready ? As I posted earlier Hickman is back with the Cats,and was a charter member of the famous boating incident,you can see him here in the pic with his back to the camera.The question is the other 6 Cats who decided to go fishing that day in the Bomber end zone ?
I'll check back in before game time on Saturday to see if anyone has answered correctly :lol: (hint:2 of the 6 players are still active in the league)That's all for now folks !!!!!!!! OSKIE-WEE-WEE can't wait for Saturday's gonna be a good one.

.....bobo...the fishing expedition is over....Matters not who those other cats were... and as far as 'your' boat is concerned, it took on water and sank a few times since then ,and a few of your players I hear were fined for trolling without a license... :wink: There was a big controversy in the Peg about the signing of Collaros and Willy to their present teams...I'm looking forward to see Willy prove that Bombers actually signed the right guy...I know Willy is hurting a bit, much like Collaros was after the Willis hit, but they appear to be ready and this should be a great game....As far as Brohm goes...heh heh...I think a few of your fans wanted him back after they watched the fill in performances from Masoli...Could they have been wrong :lol:

I wouldn't laugh just yet, papa. Both Masoli and Brohm have looked rather mediocre at best from what we've seen of them so far.

We too have a Hickman on the roster this week, touché!

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Looking forward to this game, should be a slobber-knocker.

....I know MJ....He who laughs last and all that and I do appreciate qbs. are a delicate subject for you right now BUT...I don't think we've seen much of a sample sheet on Brohm to do a good comparison....Masoli on the other hand has shown us let's just say, his attributes as a starter... :wink: :lol:

....MadJack...according to the cats depth chart Masoli has been reduced to third string....Brohm was being considered as our starter for the next game....just sayin :wink: Does that make Brohm a better option ?...Guess we won't know that till Brohm gets as much playing time as no 1... when and IF that ever happens this season.. :roll:

Oh I do agree papa, Masoli's looked like a stiff. I'll be surprised if he returns next season. Brohm I know little about, but what I have seen of him didn't make me think he was much, if any, better than Masoli. Too small a sample so far to make any firm conclusions. Yes he was scheduled to be your starter (but Willy's recovered, great), but so what, look at what my team has had as starters this year. . . so just being named a starter doesn't mean all that much in many cases.

That said, who cares about Masoli/Brohm, we're going to get Willy v. Collaros, which is just so much better for all concerned.

Are you forgetting about how well Dan LeFevour played when Collaros went down early in the year?

DL did okay but he was no Collaros.

I think this will be another defensive battle.

Willy will never make it through the game if the line doesn't do a better job of protecting him. He's a tough SOB, that's for sure!

Looking that way

....Mike O better take a few more sniffs of the crap he was taking on the sidelines...his team is starting to reek... :thdn: What a disappointing half...There better be a pep talk or this one is another dud.. :thdn:

I dunno papa; I think Bellefeuille has to come up with something creative; that Hamilton D is playing a whale of a game.