Bombers sweep season series over Stamps

WINNIPEG — The Winnipeg Blue Bombers returned to Week 12 of league action with a vengeance as they battled through adversity to claim a 31-29 comeback victory over the Calgary Stampeders on Thursday evening.

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Cool. Just make sure that come playoff time, if we play Calgary, we sweep them there too. Regular season series sweeps are fun and all but playoff wins are what count.


I was thinking the same thing. Hamilton beat the regular season crap out of us in 2019.


Exactly. Look at the 2016 and 2017 season and how they ended with the League leading Calgary Stampeders losing the Grey Cup game.
The flip side is that in 2018 and 2021
Calgary and Winnipeg respectively were the best team in the league during the regular season and both went on to win the Grey Cup those seasons.

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The stamps players fully know this, the fans in cow town do not...unless it was their team that did the sweeping... If you recall last season the stamps only bested you in a late season game that meant nothing to the standings but with that win they insisted it was proof positive that that win made the Stamps the best team in the world... Not the CFL but the entire world... They did not stick around to comment after getting defeated by the Riders in the semi final though... Something I still cannot fathom as they made it plain they were going stomp the riders and do even worse to the Bombers in that seasons play offs.