Bombers Suspend OL Tavita Eli

Is it because he is unvaxxed and can't travel?

looks that way......Must have been a very tough call for him not to join his team mates in the biggest game of the year.....Fed. govt. rules......rule

You have o-line depth so shouldn't be an issue for the team. Probably tough on the player but he made his choice.


I would say he made the choice not to be a team player. No sympathy here.

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Let's keep the thread on topic, please.

Not sure why he couldn't have travelled by land though?
"Interestingly, the Tiger-Cats have unvaccinated players, reportedly including quarterback Jeremiah Masoli, but those players are allowed to play Sunday because the game is in Hamilton and no air travel is required."

He couldn’t travel by land because the CFL instituted the inane rule that although unvaccinated players can play, they must travel with their team. Therefore the entire Bomber team, and presumably their staff, would have to bus it to Hamilton. And that clearly was never going to happen.

I don’t think any unvaccinated players should be allowed to play if they make that choice. To allow them to do so is hypocritical considering that fans must be vaccinated. No sound argument against that I am aware of.

But if unvaccinated players are allowed to play, the CFL has compounded that error by making a rule that favours the Eastern teams, particularly Hamilton and Toronto. Toronto could have realistically bussed their team to Hamilton had they won last week and therefore any unvaccinated players they may have ( and I don’t know how many if any they have), could have played. Obviously Hamilton is immensely favoured under this rule as they don’t have to travel anywhere. I pointed out previously that if the Grey Cup was held in BC this year that Masoli, if unvaccinated, would not be able to play.

It is ironic to say the least that Hamilton complained rightly about the CFL favouring Toronto last week by allowing the Toronto 5 that attended an NBA game to play even though under their Covid protocol rules they should have been sitting at home in quarantine. I expect therefore that those same fans will also support the view that no unvaccinated players on either team should be allowed to play Sunday so that the rule applies equally to both teams.

Like the rule handling last week, practically there may be no effect on the game, unless Winnipeg starts losing Olineman during the game. But the playing field is clearly not level. Advantage Hamilton.

Long ago the CFL has checked its rule integrity at the door and has apparently lost the tag to pick it up.

Didn't know that and I agree with you, it should have nothing to do with travelling with the team. That sounds odd to me but maybe someone can shed some light as to the logic/science of this protocol from the league.

Eli was prolly their best 6th or 7th d-lineman but they still have Geoff Gray and at least one less experienced import OL, another inexperienced canuck OL trainee, too!

For insurance purposes.

Why would they?
This rule was laid out a long time ago and the difference is that rules was changed to favour Toronto. You expect Ham fans to want to change a rule to disadvantage them?

The comish said that he would like to mandate that all players be vaccinated but the union CBA won't allow it.(I find that odd but...) Saying that you must be vaccinated to play is mandating that you be vaccinated

I think you have missed my point. It has nothing to do with whether the rule has been in place for a long time or has been changed or not. It has to do with fundamental fairness and whether the rules apply equally to all teams. This rule obviously doesn’t. Again, you should be vaccinated to play, just like you must be to attend or work at a game. If the union doesn’t like it, too bad. The commish and owners should have insisted on it. Do the players think they are superhuman and can’t contract and spread Covid? Can they even spell science? They share the blame here as well if they thought they were super special and opposed mandatory vaccination. Far more important jobs are being lost in society for those who refuse to be vaccinated than those of a few antivaxxer football players.

But being as the apparently spineless commissioner and owners made the poor decision they did, they have buggered it up even more by instituting a rule favoring the teams in close proximity to each other, being the Eastern teams and especially Hamilton, since they are hosting. The league could have allowed all players to travel to games apart from their team, which would still have disadvantaged the Western teams but at least made it possible for all of their players to play. You cite insurance reasons, but provide no details. I do not know what you mean but don’t’ see that as an issue for travelling alone. Pro sports teams routinely send injured players either from or to where the team is and offhand I can also think of baseball teams sending starting pitchers both home and on the road separate from their teammates.

After my original post, a Winnipeg Free Press article said that 6 Hamilton players were unvaccinated, Masoli among them. They should not be allowed to play. Winnipeg only has one such player, highlighting how they are the epitome of a team. The article also quoted O’Shea talking about how the organization and players tried to reason with those players who were unvaccinated and intimated that there used to be more. Winnipeg should not be penalized even their one back up player because they were more successful as a team in this regard. I don’t know if Hamilton even tried the same thing at all.

This issue really pisses me off because it so blatantly unfair and hypocritical and shows less integrity than Mickey Mouse, who no doubt was consulted on the rule. If you are a Ticat fan please don’t ever complain again about the rules favouring Toronto. Last week was minor compared to this. Last week the incompetent CFL leadership had to deal with an issue on the fly with no time to spare and in the face of a disproportionate penalty for players doing what they were asked to do by their employer, and for doing what any vaccinated citizen could do, namely attend a basketball game. Here the unfairness and hypocrisy favouring the Ticats is built right into a rule, which you say has been around for a long time, making it even worse. The players are first treated differently than citizens by being allowed to set foot in a stadium if they are unvaccinated, and if that is not enough, they are then given a special pass if they are from Hamilton. I have no idea why this isn’t a bigger thing, considering how big the kerfuffle was last week over something relatively minor compared to this. And the Ticats edge the Argos 6-5 in players that are allowed to play because of league favoritism.



It does not work that way...

And you want fans to feel sorry for them

The feds made the no-vax- no-fly rule.
All they had to do was get vaccinated!
Lotta unfair things in the league...and in life

Ask the commish

And they know this how?
Sounds like they are building a excuse

Again....the rule was put in place and is being followed....last week a rule was ignored for the good of Toronto...big difference

When the rule was written, no-one knew who would be in the could have been 2 western teams

So you are more infuriated over enforcing a rule than ignoring one?


Yes. For the reasons given.

I don’t know for sure whether the Argo players were asked by their employer to attend the basketball game, but that seems to be the general consensus. If that were the case they certainly have less blame than the players who made a conscious decision not to get vaccinated.

And yes it does work that way for the union. No vaccination, no season. Simple. Do you think the players would have gone against 85% of public opinion and held out for this reason? They would never be able to sell their genetic superiority or whatever the hell they think they have that allows them royal status and to flout the rules everyone else at the stadium must follow.

And I don’t know where the Free Press got their information. Ask them. I was just citing my source.

When the rule was written, even though we did not know who would be playing in the Grey Cup, why would it even be plausible that two Western teams meet in the GC for the first time in history? That has no relevance to the rule. When the rule was written it was known that the GC would be in Hamilton and that it would be impossible for the Western representative to send unvaccinated players. Again, highlighting how egregious this rule is, if the GC was in Vancouver, Hamilton would be down 6 players, including Masoli, if the information in the Free Press is correct. I suspect it is or there would have been a rebuttal. I would then, I expect, be reading post after post from Ticat fans about how unfair the rule is. Either all in or all out, I say. A rule must apply to every team equally. Not this patchwork Frankenstein of a rule.

And I also should be clear that I believe it is unlikely that this “rule” should affect the competitive balance, although that is possible, for example should Winnipeg have two OL injured or Hamilton needs Masoli. For me this is a matter of principle. There are enough shady incidents and decisions and rules in the CFL’s past, including just last week. It needs to stop.



I dont know what it is you don't understand!
You cannot force the players to get vaccinated!
There is this little thing called a CBA...The comish himself said that they cannot force the players.

The players union could have simply said no, walked off the field and then sued to get paid!

And they would have won

The players made a choice, they knew that if they would not be able to travel to the cup had they won...They didnt care,
And I dont care that they cant play

This rule did not affect the cats? Well we dont know if any of them are not vaccinated. And life it not fair either

Have a nice day

Life is inherently not fair. That is why when you are capable of controlling something such as a rule, you try and make it fair. I could have said to Ticat fans last week that life is not fair about what occurred but I didn’t as that is no argument in favour of something that is unfair and does not have to be.

And I don’t agree with your statements about the union having the ability to control the whole circus. Covid knowledge and protocols have changed since the pandemic started and no doubt will continue to change. If the union is trying to say something is carved in stone in the face of a world wide health emergency, good luck with that. The better course would have been to stand up to those bullies when the CBA was negotiated but that doesn’t mean a wrong can’t be righted now. I also don’t think it would be very hard for someone influential to whisper in a government minister’s ear that they won’t mind seeing a vaccination protocol that includes players. In fact it could be argued that the government should have done this in the first place. Just looking for what is right and fair and a level playing field.

Ofcourse it's an unfair advantage for the Cats, but it's an advantage we knew about from the start. Bombers must really like Eli if they kept him around knowing he couldn't help in the big game.