Bombers Suck!!!

Just kidding, but seriously. I hope you lose tommorow. Hope it's a great game, and the best team (Riders) win.
Go Riders

Here's to the "worst case scenario" GC and all the fans running outside my building yelling "go bombers" or "go riders." But all is forgiven for bringing pretty women to TO. Prarie people don't know how to bundle up properly and walk around like its 20 or something.


Not really.

81Reasons, At least Bomber and Rider fans know how to spell the word "prairie". I hope you can handle rejection because prairie girls from Manitoba and Saskatchewan have high moral standards. I'll give you credit though. I see you have been on this board since November 2005. At least you didn't just jump on the Grey Cup Bandwagon.

This concerns me, unlike the flatlands, there are way too many tall buildings in TO. Gonna be more than a few jumpers I'm afraid after this game. :twisted: