Bombers Strike First

Windiddle looks good.

I hope they do it, for Milt's sake more than anything.

What a reception he made there - so focused.

Ya Stegal is awesome.

So far the Bombers are pretty much dominating.

Dinwiddie, even...

Riders look hesitant, nervous to me.

Joseph, 3 for 14? this from the MOP this year? Brutal.

Just having fun with it...."Win"nipeg.


Saskatche"won" the first half. :slight_smile:


I like it :wink:

Halftime...both teams came to play on defence, that's for sure. Both offences look poor....worst half of football Joseph's had all year.

Hope both offences wake up in the second half.

he's been able to run far too much. We gotta keep in contained, put him on his butt. But I must say I am surprised at how he hasn't been able to connect with his recievers.

Hurts to be down at the half, but we are sticking it to them. Keep it up boys, and bring it home!

Go Blue!

I’m hoping the Bombers get blown out in the second half, just so we see the last of those horrible “retro” jersies…

I'll agree about the jerseys; they are bad and they wear them far too often for my eyes.

RIDERS strike back!!!


omg, i was rather blah feeling that first half, much like how the riders played. i am really nervous yet excited now, i really hope this is the energy that the riders bring back to the field with them for the second half.

winnipeg's defense did very well containing us in the first half.