Bombers Strategy re: FA'S. ETC.

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there it is...

so... imo, mack is preaching patience... its a very good article, well worth the read..

makes me feel alot better.

think the key there is regarding what he said about other teams and their salary cap

sounds like we dont have cap issues, sounds like a few teams do (riders,stamps,esks,ticats)(thats just my guess tho basing it on the amount of "talent" they have)

imo, if we go after anyone, its gonna be canadians and looking at the official list of fa's on

there honestly isnt anyone out there outside of jermaine reed that actually would make a difference.

we taking the green bay approach, dont over pay for free agents, develop our own guys.. resign a few of our own fa's like we have been doing

really, if we resign hef and khan (sounds like both might be signing soon) we have technically then signed all our fa's that we wanted too.

hunt chose to live his dream in the nfl, what can u do.. wish him the best and if he doesnt stick, hope for him to come back (i think he would)

they wont resign bernard,lobo or stephenson. all good things imo.

believe it or not, we have signed most our fa's(atleast the guys they wanted to resign).. we just did it earlier in the off season.. extended some guys who imo, progessed quite nicely last year. (beasley,suber,m bowman,kent as examples)

fa's or guys extended this season by the bombers include the above mentioned players plus dorian smith, odell willis.

if we lose hef or khan, so be it but i dunno,i think this afternoon or later tonight, there will be an announcement saying we have resigned 1 if not both of them..hef in my opinion is more important than khan as khan seems to be on the downside of his career while hef is only 26 and a baller. one of the best db's in the league when he wants to be.

canadians are our main concern and like i said, looking at the fa list, there isnt many that stand out..

hudson? little older no? ramsay? much older no? nicholson? why when we have hargreaves,watson,bishop,mchenry and even brock ralph.

the interesting part is the dont get into a fit on feb 15th, wait untill april 15th...

so leads to this question....

who... whoo... who are these players that might become available..

rumors have paris jackson being one.. pierce to jackson.. thats got some familliarity to it :slight_smile:

gotta beleive with the first pick we draft an olineman (mitchell maybe)

with the current group.. we'd have 8 guys fighting out for 3 spots on the oline, center, the guard opposite labatte and one of the tackle positions. pretty sure with butler,douglas,winn,january.. we gonna go with 2 americans on the line again... look for january to possibly be dealt, look for ralph to possibly be dealt too if a paris jackson becomes available.

3 picks this year.. 1st overall + a few later round picks.. lets hope we can trade a few of these "assets" (january,ralph(who is canadian so might get u a 2nd or 3rd rounder) and pick up maybe 1 or 2 more picks.. 5 picks would be nice and would be the most we've had since... geesh, since i beleive the year we drafted brendon labatte. thats pretty crazy when u think about it and is the reason why our canadian depth is lacking.. however like mr mack points out, last year we got a kicker and james green (both very promising players and candian for absolutely nothing.

...I very much like Macks approach....He is very patient and i think his moves up to now are: We'll wait things out...we'll weigh things out and stick to a plan he has oviously laid out some time ago...Great to hear..I was a little concerned at our 'seemingly' slow 'uninterested moves' up till now BUT i feel a whole lot better knowing we have a plan and are going to stick to it...A little reassurance from our 'main' man makes all the difference...Keep er going Joe Mack...i think i see a bright light at the end of the tunnel :thup: :rockin:

NOT substantiated yet BUT...Hefney is getting set to announce that he has re-upped with the BigBlue ( a reliable source) :thup: ..If true.....This is for you Wally :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

Macks approach in standing pat may work out, may not. I, like most of us on this forum, are Bomber fans and want to see an improvement from a 4-14 record. A lot has been said about this team being on the cusp of great things, that the team lost a number of games last season by close margins which could have gone either way. Usually losing close games comes down to youth/inexperience and sometimes coaching. Obviously the management team in place is expecting improvement from players going into their second year in the league and that this improvement will get the team over the hump. Some fans are concerned that the team hasn't been more active in FA. There are some limiting factors like the salary cap and whether a player will fit into your needs/system to consider. As a fan of the team, I will say that I'm concerned on 2 levels. One is that standing pat and expecting your team to get over the hump doesn't necessarily work (see Minnesota Vikings 2010 season). The second is that the team lost 16 sacks and a heckuva DE in Philip Hunt for the forseeable future. There are other DE available and can be had on the cheap, but it's pretty rare to find a DE who can come in and replace those sacks in their first year, guys like Cam Wake being the exception . Not having Hunt on that end may affect the whole line and perhaps even the rest of the D. This is probably the one biggest concern I have for the team going into the 2011 season and is probably the #1 story going into 2011, far beyond whether Pierce will stay upright. One thing we've seen is teams ahead of us in the standings filling in gaps to stay on top or move themselves over the hump while the Blue remain inactive. Its hard to watch because we're desperate to see the team get back into the playoffs and get back to being competitive for the cup. At any rate I'm beginning to realize that the moves made and to be made are not necessarily made for 2011, though improvement will be expected this season. I think the goal is to be patient and build a younger team that has the opportunity to grow together with the ultimate goal of having a big year in 2012 in the new building.

I don’t see not signing FAs as standing pat. There will be new players signed and drafted who are brought in for TC. There will be others who are released before TC. IMO Mr. Mack is a smart man - he’s put values on the players who are FAs and if the price gets too high he’s not being sucked into bidding wars.

…i just hope we’re NOT depending on the new facility to sell tix… We should also be fielding a contender… :lol:
…I don’t think Mack has begun to play his cards yet in 2011…I know he has a great amount of experience when it comes to player acquisition…He took a Cin. Bengal team and turned that loser into a Sup. Bowl contender in a very short time…Patience is the name of the game with this man…He’ll get us there…We still have some rough patches to deal with on this club but i have faith in Joe…He brought us some seriously good talent in 2010 (jurys still out on Brink though) Carr…Harris are going to be forces in 2011 and this little Suber guy is going to be the biggest surprise of all…So i’m content to let Mack do his job…Maybe we weren’t a big player in fa but the roster is a loooooong way from being completed for the 2011 season :wink: Keep the faith :thup:

Well maybe. . . but you did re-sign Hefney, and that's a big plus, even though he wasn't technically a f/a when you signed him. Re-signing a great player who was about to become a f/a is every bit as good as making a splash in free agency. . . arguably even better.

....correct MJ.....Some talk around the water cooler is that we over-paid...I don't see it that way...We know what Hefney can do on a football field (rookie of the year) AND so do a lot of other gms who were salivating at the chance of signing him..We have an all-star in the making..He was inches shy of playing in the nfl...We DID NOT over pay for the guy...we just re-signed a star ... money well spent ,as far as i'm concerned, for the future of this club.. :smiley:

Regarding my stand pat phrase, this was in reference to the current run on free agents. Of course there will be some additions through the draft and new players coming up from the US, maybe even a player or 2 from any potential cuts that may happen between now and when camps open. Retaining key players or players that can play significant roles a la Hefney prior to FA is a key move. And sometimes the best move u can make is not signing a certain player. I don't mean to imply not doing anything at this point is not a prudent move. What my point was is that we're not really in a position where a couple of FAs is what its gonna take to take this team to the cup, nor are we in a reloading phase where we're adding just another piece or 2 to stay competitive. My point is that, though it may be hard to watch all these FA's sign elsewhere when you'd think or hope this guy or that guy would fit in well with the team and help them win, I think the plan is to continue to build and, what seems to have gotten lost in my long winded post, was that we may need to be patient to see the real fruits of their work. We should see a competitive team this season, but I think the real fruits of their efforts may not be realized until 2012 in the new building.


lets be honest here also with the 2011 free agent class... there werent exactly alot of game changers out there who would make a difference for us... the oline guys.. well why when we have younger ones with more upside.. hudson is older as is ramsay as is gauthier, wayne smith has played 3 games in 2 years... its just not worth the cash they got im sure. sask got gauthier who will be 35 next year for 280,000 over 2 years. thats not exactly chump change and for a guy who is gonna be older next year, not worth the coin.

sask, hamilton... more so hamilton i think... remind me of the bombers of a few years ago, very very experienced team but... have a very short window of opportunity to win so may be signing all these fa's because.. well, they realize with their older team that time may be running out. glenn isnt getting younger, coburne is 32 (old for a running back).. stala bruce.. these guys arent spring chickens and hamiltons time to win is either now or never really. they are going for it... good luck to them but... i like the approach we are taking, build for the future, lots of close loss's last year, ridiculous 4 games in 7 weeks vs the same team schedule with alot of injuries at the team and no carr of hefney in the lineup. tj was hurt. just bad luck last year... serna cost us a game or 2 also with missed fg's or missed fg's leading to sp teams touchdowns... very inexperienced team last year.. very inexperienced coaching also.. moving harris to asst coach and bringing in tim burke will surely help. all these players also having 1 season now under their belt will help too.

im willing to give them time to see what they are building towards.. im not one of these.. LETS BLOW IT UP EVERY YEAR guys... not at all, i think in all sports but football more so than others, consistency is key.. we have kept our core guys intact and 1 more year of playing together means well, they arre that more familliar with eachothers tendencies and all this stuff...

that matters more in a sport like football than it does in any other sport.. a sidney crosby or alex ovechkin, or steven stamkos.. well in football, if one guy messes up the whole play goes stupid... so its different.

we had milt for years and charlie in his prime... we didnt win much with them at all, as a matter of fact we won nothing with them. takes more than 1 or 2 stars to make a football team.