Bombers staying put for the year

Looks like the Bombers will be playing at Canad Inns Stadium for the coming season. Construction delays due to weather and wind blamed.

New stadium stories are so much fun!

8) I dread to think what could happen in Hamilton regarding the completion date of the new stadium.
   I can definitely see problems arising just like in Winnipeg.  Weather delays, Union worker delays, unforseen problem
    delays, and any other assorted problems that could lead to the new stadium not being ready for the start of the 2014 

      If there is going to be a problem you just know it will happen in Hamilton.  Any delay on the completion date, will be 
       disasterous for the TiCats !!!

There are severe penaties for not making the completion date for IWS2
In the $25K/day range.
That is alot of incentive to be on time.

[url=] ... ct_Sub.pdf[/url]

General Issues Committee – April 18, 2012
in terms of using the design/build process rather than a
traditional project where all three proponents bid on one design.
? Mr. McKendrick discussed in detail the RFP evaluation process
and when the successful bidders are expected to be announced.
He indicated that sometime after the end of May they will
announce the award of the preferred proponent.
? Staff asked if all three bids will be released at this time or only
the winning bid.
? Mr. McKendrick indicated that their practice is to only release the
winning bid.
? Mr. McKendrick discussed the hand over in December of Ivor
Wynne Stadium for construction. Discussed the measures put in
place in terms of monitoring and ensuring the completion date is
? Chair Ferguson thanked Infrastructure Ontario for attending and
providing the committee with information.
? Mayor Bratina asked about the cost the Infrastructure Ontario
has placed on the stadium.
? Mr. McKendrick indicated that in the interest of encouraging
competitive bids and unique designs, Infrastructure Ontario does
not release their estimates of what they believe the project will
? Chair Ferguson asked about the two-month extension in the RFP
closing from late March to late May.
? Mr. McKendrick indicated that the velodrome site selection has
delayed the process. He indicated that the veoldrome project
however is now well underway and they should not encounter
any more problems. He indicated that since Ivor Wynne Stadium
will not be turned over for construction until December 2, the
delay will not impact the project.
? Chair Ferguson asked about the late penalties on proponents
who did not deliver on time.
? Mr. McKendrick indicated that the penalty relates to the final
release of funds in which case interest will start accruing on the
project. Estimated that interest charges could be around $25,000
a day.

? Chair Ferguson asked if Councillors would get to review all three
? Mr. McKendrick indicated that City of Hamilton staff have seen all
three designs and if there was a desire to sign the confidentiality
agreement they councillors could also review the three designs.
Chair Ferguson asked about the Carpenters Union.
? Mr. McKendrick indicated that the bidders have all been made
aware of the union requirements to the project. He indicated that
the successful proponent will have to meet these obligations.
? Staff indicated that the Hamilton Tiger-Cats are asking for a
guarantee from the City respecting the completion of the
stadium. Staff indicated that if the stadium is not completed in
time the City could be looking at a cost of over a million dollars
for every Tiger-Cats game that is impacted. Staff asked if
Infrastructure Ontario would provide indemnification to the City of
Hamilton as they are responsible for the delivery of the stadium
on schedule.
? Mr. McKendrick indicated that penalties and other measures
would make it highly unlikely that a project would not be
completed on time. Mr. McKendrick indicated that he didn’t have
the authority to authorize an indemnity. He indicated that such
authority would likely need to come from the Minister of

There already has been a "delay". We are now into June and I remember reading somewhere that we won't hear until September about the winning bidder and design. This does not give me a good feeling folks.

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I don't like your reference to 'union delays'. Usually these incidents are preceeded by some management try at forcing workers into unsafe practices, or attempts at shortchanging the workers.
Management gets the union it deserves that's why the federal unions are always in the news: I know because I used to be in one.

Hopefully the winning Hamilton Bid will be a 25K seat stadium with 50-60 luxury boxes. :smiley:

If all the money from the delays go straight to the Cats(doesn't read as they do) and the completion date is suppose to be say April 1st, then it could be a good thing if it's late by say 60 days, I'm sure Young wouldn't be mad at having another 1.5M in his pocket to start the year.

They will need to make sure the target completion date is before mid April and make plans so that they have a cushion to start the year such as Training camp not planned to be held at the stadium(since Mac decided to be bad partners over 2013, then go with 1 or 2 of the area's holding Cats camp for a day this year) and minimize early home games, start, home game the 2nd pre-season week and go with 2 on the road 2 at home and 2 more on the road for the first 6 weeks. That way if things don't look good in March they could move those games to Moncton and buy an extra 2 months.

Isn't Infrastructure Ontario a provincial government agency? And they're running the show. That fact alone makes me nervous.....

The Ti-cats organization were to sign a long term 20 year lease agreement at $450K/yr. and some further luxury box and naming rights agreements with the City starting in 2014 and ending 2034.
And a further $150K/yr. for soccer.
If this lease agreement has been signed then it is the City's responsibility to provide the team with the Stadium.
So if the Stadium is not on time and this lease has been signed it will be on the City's dime.

[url=] ... w-stadium/[/url]

.?Councillors also agreed to a memorandum of understanding with the Tiger-Cats that establishes a 20-year lease for the CFL club to remain in Hamilton. The club is expected to guarantee the city at least $450,000 per year in rent, plus another $150,000 if a professional soccer team is located at the new stadium. The club will also provide, but not guarantee, to the city nearly $168,500 in seat rentals. The Tiger-Cats agree to pay the city $9 million for Ivor Wynne’s naming rights for $750,000 per year. The city is using the money to help finance the stadium. Hamilton also will receive 10 per cent of the Tiger-Cats’ net income starting in the fourth year of the deal.“The more our asset grows, the more we benefit,? said Bratina. “(The Tiger-Cats) are not just a tenant. They were integral to the project. The football team is closely associated with our city.?Under the agreement the city is creating an Ivor Wynne Community Fund, which will assist in recreation projects in the area. The city will contributed 50 per cent of the parking revenue and its portion of the revenue from the club to fund the reserve.“This is a great compromise,? said Ward 7 (central Mountain) Coun. Scott Duvall. “There are some people who will not be satisfied. They wanted city building. We need to go forward.?Councillors also praised city staff and themselves for building a stadium without raising taxes. To fund the city’s share, councillors tapped into the Hamilton Future Fund, and will use $6.5 million from the city’s capital reserve fund.

It doesn't. The "money" mentioned above are interest charges paid to the financing company for each day construction extends beyond the promised completion date.

With that noted, IO has claimed that historically their projects have been completed before the promised completion date.

We'll see how the IWS project goes.

It is an unbelieveably tight deadline to have a completed stadium in 19 months.(Dec.1,2013-Jul.1,2014)
If IWS2 is ready for the start of the 2014 season, i will be very impressed.
You would think that there is not alot of wiggle room for foul ups and that everything would have to work together perfectly.
We might be starting with 6 road games for the 2014 season!

8) Ahh, spoken like a true union man !! By the way, I also used to be in a union, one of the biggest ones in Canada, so
   I well know the goings on of unions, and I am less than impressed with what I saw during my tenure as a member !!

    By the way, we were talking about delays that can occur with regards to our new stadium, and my concerns are certinly
    justified regarding the above !!!