Bombers starting to earn some respect

look at all those bomber names

TORONTO (CFL) - The Canadian Football League announced today the Rogers CFL Players of the Week 3 as selected by members of the Canadian football broadcasters.

Offensive Player of the Week

QB – Kevin Glenn – Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Edmonton Eskimos 10 @ Winnipeg Blue Bombers 46

Highlights / Key Stats:

After a slow start to the season, Winnipeg quarterback Kevin Glenn had a stellar performance on Saturday, torching the Edmonton secondary for 368 yards and three touchdowns on 15 of 24 passing.

He also rushed twice for eight yards.

Runner Up

WR – Geroy Simon – B.C. Lions

Defensive Player of the Week

LB – Barrin Simpson – Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Edmonton Eskimos 10 @ Winnipeg Blue Bombers 46

Highlights / Key Stats:

Winnipeg linebacker Barrin Simpson is the second Bomber to be honoured as the Rogers Defensive Player of the Week. The former BC Lion recorded eight tackles and one special teams’ tackle, contributing to a defence that held their opposition to just 10 points.

Runner Up

LB – John Grace – Calgary Stampeders

S – Barron Miles – B.C. Lions

Lineman of the Week

DL – Tom Canada – Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Edmonton Eskimos 10 @ Winnipeg Blue Bombers 46

Highlights / Key Stats:

Winnipeg’s Tom Canada is the fourth defensive player on the Bombers to be honoured in the last two weeks. In Winnipeg’s impressive win against the Eskimos, Canada registered three tackles, including one for a loss of a yard and a quarterback sack.

Runner Up

OL – Ibrahim Khan – Winnipeg Blue Bombers

OL – Val St. Germain – Winnipeg Blue Bombers

OL – Angus Reid – B.C. Lions

Special Teams Player of the Week

K – Sandro DeAngelis – Calgary Stampeders

Hamilton Tiger-Cats 22 @ Calgary Stampeders 23

Highlights / Key Stats:

Calgary place kicker Sandro DeAngelis was perfect in field goals and under pressure. The native of Niagara Falls, Ontario connected from 20, 27 and nailed a 45-yarder with no time remaining on the clock to give the Stampeders a 23-22 victory over the Tiger-Cats. DeAngelis was 2-2 in converts, bringing his scoring total to 11 points on the day.

He also had four kickoffs for 229 yards, 73 yards being his longest.

pretty impresive

And the previous week, Warner for lineman of the week. GO Blue....

and Brown for defensive player of the week

....we'll just keep on.. keepin' on ...till there is no doubt this team is for real...respect definitely earned in the first few games of 06...what a boost for Glenn...and the D...go BigBlue :thup:

And what about Taman! Oh ya he is still there! One good game does not get respect. String some wins together and then maybe some respect! :lol:

....well we have already had a little more success than you were predicting red.......just keep in mind ...the black-bird is still on your menu... :lol: :lol:

Not a problem Pappa I still believe I will not be the one eating crow. I do believe I stated your team did improve some what but will the consistancey be there yet. We will have to see on that issue. And it sure does help with a Toronto team with out their number one QB. But I believe this game will be different then the first one against the Argo's. There will be no suprises and this time they will not take your defense lightly.

...and your telling me ....Wynn is going to burn us ...i think if they had Damon back...they would definitely be better...we'll just have to go out and prove we have the talent to beat their 'd' ...and we should have another 2 pts. :rockin:

I am sure Pinball hopes your team thinks that way watch for the pants to drop and get a spanking! :lol:

I think Taman did a real good job putting this club together…No problems here. I kinda hope the rest of the pundits in the league keep on putting down the Bombers…Karma is alive and well.

Who is putting the bombers down I think Taman does that just fine. That's who will he add to neg list this year a one legged kicker!

I didn't realise Taman was interested in adding Zack "You're A Strange Animal" Gowan to the Bombers' neg list. :lol:

As they [WIN.] should get more respect. :thup:

The Toronto Vs. Win. game should be a great one. :thup:

I will be there , but I dought that many people will be.

Saturday , they close down most of YONGE ST. for a street fest and the MOLSON INDY , is in town. Many roads to the game will be closed.

WIN. games are traditional our lowest draw. :cry:

Lets hope the T.V. ratings are great. :thup:

But who cares. WIN. will not see the same ARGO team as in their first game. This is a rematch and the ARGOS are not Edmonton. It is hard to beat the same team 2 times in a row.

GOOD LUCK to both teams. :thup:

Now that's what i am talking bout. Bombers doing what is best play good football.

yup, bombers are earning respect :thup:

now if we could only do something about those fans :twisted:

same goes for your Stamps.....the Riders just may a lay a whuppin on em.....

Yawn ok!

The Bombers had a great game against the Esks, but when they win more consistently and beat some of the better teams like Montreal, BC, Sask and Toronto(with Allen at QB), then they might earn the respect they are seeking.

The riders :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

well I dont think it is so much respect as it is just acknowledgement of the incredible job that Berry and Marshall have done in the first 3 games of the take 2 of 3 from Montreal, Toronto and Edmonton (regardless of how healthy they are) is enough for me...